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Finland's Patria Collaborates with DSL and FFG to Replace German Army's Fuchs Armored Vehicles.

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On February 15, 2023, a collaboration unfolded in the defense sector as Patria, DSL (under the KNDS group), and FFG announced their partnership. This venture is set to revolutionize the German military's armored capabilities, focusing on the design, production, and maintenance of the Patria 6x6 armored personnel carrier models, potentially replacing Germany's existing FUCHS 6x6 armored vehicles fleet.
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Patria 6x6 armored vehicle. (Picture source Army Recognition Group)

Under the auspices of the international Common Armoured Vehicles System (CAVS) program, Patria will serve as the prime contractor should Germany opt to procure these advanced vehicles. The Finnish defense manufacturer is set to spearhead the design and development phase, while DSL and FFG will provide critical engineering, production, and life-cycle support within Germany, incorporating local expertise and facilities in Freisen, Flensburg, and Kirchen.

This partnership marks the commencement of detailed localization efforts, aiming to involve additional German companies in the program, thereby enriching the defense manufacturing ecosystem in Germany. Hugo Vanbockryck, Senior Vice President of Market Area Europe at Patria, highlighted the value proposition of the collaboration, emphasizing the adaptation of the Patria 6x6 platform to meet the specific needs and high standards of the Bundeswehr.

The CAVS program, a joint initiative originally launched by Finland and Latvia, and subsequently joined by Sweden and Germany, seeks to develop a cutting-edge 6x6 armored vehicle system tailored to the requirements of participating nations. Germany officially became a part of the CAVS program in April 2023, underscoring its commitment to modernizing its military vehicle fleet.

The Patria 6x6, selected as the vehicle platform in 2019, boasts modularity, robustness, and affordability, offering protected troop transport with exceptional performance, modern protection features, and unparalleled mobility.

Christoph Cords, CEO of DSL, and Jörg Kamper, CEO of Jungenthal Wehrtechnik and FFG board member, both expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership, noting its potential to elevate the CAVS program to new heights. They emphasized the collaboration's role in leveraging German and Finnish engineering and manufacturing prowess, creating skilled jobs in Germany, and enhancing the nation's industrial know-how and capacity.

This collaborative effort represents a forward-looking approach to defense manufacturing, promising to deliver a next-generation 6x6 platform that aligns with the strategic needs of the German military and contributes to the broader goals of European defense collaboration.

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