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Denmark commits to supporting Ukraine with delivery of all its artillery systems.

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In the current context where Russia claims the capture of Avdiivka, a stronghold previously held by Ukraine, and intensifies its offensives, notably towards Robotyne in the Zaporizhzhia oblast, Denmark has announced a measure of support for Ukraine. Facing Russia in a "war economy," increasing its military budget to $118.5 billion for 2024, the Danish announcement comes at a critical time. The Danish plan is simply to send all its artillery systems to Ukraine.
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A Danish ATMOS self-propelled howitzer was delivered earlier. (Picture source: Elbit Systems)

The call from Kyiv to its Western allies for ammunition support becomes even more urgent as the United States, due to internal disagreements, and Europe, have failed to deliver the promised quantities. The "Artillery for Ukraine" coalition, led by France and the United States, struggles to meet the needs for ammunition and artillery equipment, essential against a well-supplied adversary.

In this context, Denmark, through its Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen during the Munich Security Conference, has announced its intention to donate its artillery to Ukraine. This gesture is not unprecedented for Denmark, which had already handed over nineteen CAESAR artillery systems to Ukraine. The question now arises as to the exact nature of the material to be provided, potentially including ATMOS howitzers and PULS multiple rocket launchers, as well as the concerned munitions.

The ATMOS, a truck-mounted self-propelled artillery system, is a platform developed by Elbit Systems, a defense company based in Israel. Since its introduction into service in 2001, ATMOS has distinguished itself with its versatility and the ability to be operated by a crew of two to six members. This artillery system can pivot 25 degrees to the left and right and adjust its elevation up to +70 degrees, thus allowing great maneuverability in targeting.

With its dimensions for the 52-caliber version, including a length of 9.5 meters and a weight of 23 tons, the ATMOS combines firepower with strategic mobility on the battlefield. Its truck-mounted design not only allows it to move quickly to and from firing positions but also to adapt to different operational environments.

The reputation of the ATMOS has crossed the borders of Israel, attracting the attention of several countries around the world. Among its users are Azerbaijan, Botswana, Cameroon, Colombia, the Philippines, Thailand, Uganda, Zambia, and of course, Denmark.

Frederiksen's statement highlights the urgency of providing munitions to Ukraine and criticizes the still unused stock in Europe. It thus joins the call of Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, who encourages European countries to prioritize Ukraine in their munitions exports.


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