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Brazil Shortlists Models for Future Self-Propelled Artillery Vehicle.

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The Brazilian Army, through its Logistics Command (COLOG), has revealed the contenders for its Wheeled Self-Propelled Artillery Vehicle (WSPA) project. This announcement highlights the candidates that meet the detailed criteria specified in the project's tender. The models still in contention include China's SH15, Israel's ATMOS, France's CAESAR, and the Czech Zuzana 2.
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French CAESAR, Chinese SH-15, Israeli Atmos and Czech Zuzana 2(Picture source: KNDS / Elbit systems / Konstrukta)

The technical specifications required for future WSPAs include a 155 mm NATO-standard howitzer as the primary armament, capable of firing both standard and specialized ammunition. The artillery piece must have a minimum barrel length of 52 calibers and a service life of less than 2,000 shots at maximum charge, with a firing range exceeding 500 kilometers. Furthermore, the system must enable precision strikes with a deviation of less than 80 meters for standard munitions and less than 120 meters for assisted projectiles at distances of 20 kilometers and 30 kilometers respectively. These vehicles must also be capable of storing and transporting at least 16 full charges.

One of the key requirements for these artillery vehicles is their ability to rapidly deploy and retract. The WSPA must be ready to aim and fire within three minutes of positioning and leave its position in less than two minutes after firing. The inclusion of a semi-automatic loading mechanism and the ability to maintain a firing rate of at least four shots per minute are also required.

The preselection highlights four notable models from various international manufacturers. North Industries Corporation (Norinco) offers its SH15 6×6, running on a Shaanxi 6×6 chassis and equipped with a 155 mm AH-2 155 mm/L52 howitzer. This model is capable of using NATO standard 155 mm ammunition and Norinco-developed munitions, offering a maximum range of up to 53 kilometers with rocket-assisted V-LAP ammunition. Since its introduction in 2017, the SH15 has been integrated into the Chinese army and exported to Ethiopia and Pakistan.

Elbit Systems Land Ltd. introduces the ATMOS 6×6, a 155 mm, 52 caliber truck-mounted howitzer known for its superior firepower, mobility, and rapid response time. The ATMOS can be mounted on various chassis configurations and easily integrates with existing command and control systems. It features an automated targeting and loading system and achieves an effective range of 30 to 41 kilometers.

Nexter Systems competes with the CAESAR 6×6, a self-propelled howitzer equipped with a fully automated ammunition loading system. The CAESAR MkII version benefits from numerous improvements, including a new chassis, automatic transmission, and a powerful 460 horsepower engine. It offers comprehensive protection against various threats and maintains a firing rate of six shots per minute over distances exceeding 40 kilometers.

Finally, Excalibur International a.s. offers the Zuzana 2 8×8, which stands out with its automatic loading system and ability to conduct direct and indirect fires effectively. Based on a TATRA truck chassis, it focuses on long-range accuracy, rapid-fire setup, and superior mobility across different terrains. The Zuzana 2 can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h on roads and has a significant range, capable of engaging targets over 40 kilometers away with extended-range ammunition or more than 50 kilometers with VLAP-improved speed ammunition.


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