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Austria and Netherlands Acquires Embraer C-390 Millennium Transport Plane.

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The Austrian and Dutch Ministries of Defense have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to modernize their air fleets through the joint acquisition of the Embraer C-390 Millennium military transport aircraft. This partnership aims to replace the older Hercules C-130s with newer, more capable models that meet the contemporary requirements of military and humanitarian operations.
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Austria plans to acquire four C-390s and the Netherlands intends to purchase five C-390s. (Picture source: Embraer)

Austria plans to acquire four C-390s to replace its costly-to-maintain C-130Ks, with an estimated cost per unit ranging between 130 and 150 million euros. The first deliveries are expected by 2026. The C-390 was selected for its superior transport capabilities, capable of carrying Black Hawk helicopters or light tanks such as the Pandur Evo.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands intends to purchase five C-390s, thereby increasing its annual flight capacity from 2,400 to 4,000 hours. This expansion is justified by recent operational needs such as the 2021 evacuations from Afghanistan and increased demands on Europe's eastern flank.

The Embraer KC-390, also known as the C-390 Millennium, is a versatile aircraft designed by the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer. It was first showcased in 2018 at the Farnborough Airshow. This aircraft is primarily used for military transport and can also serve as a refueling plane. It requires a crew of two and made its first flight on February 3, 2015, officially entering service on September 3, 2019, although it was initially planned to be launched in 2016.

The development of this aircraft involved an investment of 1.3 billion dollars, with a unit cost of about 50 million dollars. So far, Embraer has produced 9 units of this aircraft, with 31 orders placed and 8 units currently in service, mainly with the Brazilian Air Force.

The KC-390 is a robust and spacious aircraft, measuring 33.91 meters in length, with a wingspan of 35.05 meters, and a height of 10.26 meters. Its maximum takeoff weight is 72 tons, and it can carry up to 23.6 tons of cargo. The aircraft is powered by two IAE V2500 turbofan engines, each providing a thrust of 138 kilonewtons, allowing for a maximum cruising speed of 850 km/h (Mach 0.8). It can travel a distance of 2,780 km with a full load and up to 6,200 km when empty. The KC-390 can reach a flight ceiling of 11,000 meters, making it suitable for a wide range of military and humanitarian missions.

Both nations will benefit from economies of scale and synergies in training and maintenance by pooling their purchases. This strategy not only optimizes costs but also enhances interoperability and collaboration within the European air forces, exemplifying a model of transnational defensive cooperation.


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