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US delivers for the first time to Ukraine M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicles.

| 2023

Pictures surfaced on X (Twitter) on November 3, 2023, showing the US-made M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) on an M1 Abrams tank chassis in Ukraine, marking its first apparent appearance in the country. This engineer armored vehicle is designed to clear and breach minefields and complex battlefield obstacles.
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Picture of American-made M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicle delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. (Picture source Ukraine army)

The M1150 ABV (Assault Breacher Vehicle), also known as the "Shredder," is built on the robust and battle-tested M1 Abrams tank platform. It is equipped with a full-width mine plow, lane-marking systems, and a powerful linear demolition charge system capable of breaching a path through minefields or other explosive hazards. The vehicle is a critical asset for US ground forces, enabling rapid mobility in combat situations by clearing paths through obstacles that would otherwise slow down or halt military advances.

The Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) is a dynamic and robust system engineered for breaching minefields and intricate battlefield barriers. It is built upon the chassis of an M1A1 Abrams tank and also features a specialized turret that houses two Linear Demolition Charge Systems, which utilize Mine Clearing Line Charges (MICLIC) propelled by rockets. Additionally, the ABV is equipped with a Lane Marking System (LMS), an Integrated Vision System, and a High Lift Adapter. This adapter can be fitted with either a Full Width Mine Plow (FWMP) or a Combat Dozer Blade, depending on the mission requirements.

The MICLIC is typically rocket-propelled and can be launched to a distance that ensures safety for the launching vehicle and its crew. The standard range for a MICLIC is approximately 100 to 150 meters from the point of launch to the target area. This standoff distance allows the ABV to remain at a safe distance from the explosive effects of the charge and any mines it may detonate.

Upon detonation, the MICLIC unrolls a line charge filled with powerful explosives across the minefield. The explosion is designed to trigger and clear mines within its effective range, which can create a breach lane that is typically around 8 to 14 meters wide and 100 meters long. This cleared path is sufficient for the passage of infantry and vehicles.

The M1150 ABV is also equipped with a full-width mine plow capable of clearing both pressure-fused mines and tripwire-activated ordnance. The plow uses its blades to physically push mines aside, creating a safe lane for following vehicles.

Operated by a crew of two soldiers, the ABV enhances the operational capabilities of combat engineers by offering both increased mobility and protection. It is designed to maintain the pace with fast-moving forces on the ground. The ABV effectively clears a path the width of a tank through mine-laden terrain by firing a MICLIC across the area and detonating it, subsequently using the FWMP to confirm the safety of the lane and employing the LMS to mark the cleared path.

Despite the visual evidence of the M1150 ABV's presence in Ukraine, there has been no official confirmation from the United States government or the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence regarding the delivery of such vehicles. The United States has provided substantial military aid to Ukraine since the conflict's escalation, but the deployment of ABVs would represent a significant upgrade in the type of equipment being supplied.

The M1150 ABV is a highly specialized piece of military hardware. Its deployment typically indicates preparation for major ground operations, as it allows forces to maneuver in heavily fortified areas. The presence of such vehicles could suggest that Ukrainian forces are gearing up for new strategic operations that require the advanced breaching and demining capabilities that the M1150 ABV offers.

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