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Spanish army setting up King Alfonso XIII ‘brigade of the future’ follwing lessons of war in Ukraine.

| 2023

Based on the observation of the course of battles in Ukraine, Spanish strategists conclude that a deep reform of the army structure was necessary, reports, echoing "The lesson of the Ukrainian conflict was the conclusion that changes at the front are happening very quickly", the Spanish Ministry of Defense believes.
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"King Alfonso XIII" brigade of the future will be equipped with Dual EIMOS 81mm Onboard Mortar Systems (Picture source: Army Recognition)

In order to prepare for possible battles, an experimental unit is being created on the basis of the "Brigade of King Alfonso XIII", which received the designation "Combat Brigade of the Future". It will have about 3,000 men and 900 pieces of equipment, be responsible for a front of about 100km and consist of a core and 3 GCBT battle groups (group combat battalion).

The core will include two maneuverable small-sized interchangeable command posts, armored units, sappers, logistics, communications, reconnaissance and artillery (mortars with a range of fire of 7-10km; howitzers hitting 50km or more; MLRS for strikes against area targets). The GCBT battalion will have about 500 fighters and 100 vehicles and will include 3 SGCBT tactical subgroups and specialized units (fire support, forward JTAC gunners, heavy mortars, engineers, heavy infantry, UAVs).

SGCBT tactical subgroups [actually companies] should be able to operate autonomously for 5-7 days. Each of them will consist of just over 100 fighters and 16 vehicles and will be staffed by 3 infantry and 1 engineer units [i.e. platoons].

The experimental brigade will be equipped with the most modern materiel: mobile 81mm EIMOS mortars from Expal on VAMTAC ST5 chassis; NTGS Alakran 120mm mortars on 4x4 chassis; 8x8 Dragon VCR armored vehicles; tracked UGVs THeMIS for the transport of goods weighing up to 750kg; radio equipment from Elbit Systems operating in the UHF range; new power generators based on methanol batteries, leaving a very low acoustic and thermal footprint; promising means of electronic warfare against UAVs; new combat helmets and innovative body armor from FECSA; Romeo4T sights and SIG Sauer Juliet4 optics used on G36E assault rifles and MG4 light machine guns - both 5.56x45mm; ATGM Spike LR2 anti-tank missiles with a range of 5.5 km; ATGM BRICOM instead of TOW; AXMC precision rifles in .338 Lapua Magnum caliber, which will become widespread and will be complemented by 7.62x51mm semi-automatic weapons; RPG C90 from Instalaza and C100 from Alcotán; combat management systems BMS.

"King Alfonso XIII's brigade will be the backbone for the formation of the formations of the future," according to Defensa.

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