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Spanish Army Increases Ammunition Stocks with 17 000 120mm Mortar Munitions.

| 2023

On August 29, 2023, the Spanish Army initiated a new tender. This procurement involves the purchase of 17,000 high-explosive 120mm mortar grenades, with a total budget of €8.4 million, including taxes. The high-intensity conflict unfolding in Ukraine has demonstrated that ammunition, shells, and mortar munitions stocks are far from sufficient to support a large-scale conflict. Many nations are, therefore, bolstering their already depleted stocks due to substantial donations to Ukraine, and Spain is no exception.
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Alakran 120mm mortar system developed by NTGS from the Everis group (Picture source: Spanish MoD )

This marks the second contract issued by the Spanish Army for grenades of this caliber in just one week. The first contract, valued at €7 million, specifies the supply of 8,000 illuminating and smoke grenades. Consequently, the goal is to purchase approximately 25,000 grenades of the three variants (high-explosive, smoke, and illuminating) through these two contracts.

The new procurement procedure stipulates that the delivery of the 17,000 grenade batch must be completed within a maximum period of two months, no later than November 30th. The contract is managed by the Army's Logistic Support Command (MALE) through a negotiated procedure with public advertising and ordinary processing. Interested companies have until September 11 to obtain contract specifications and submit their participation requests. The sole criterion for awarding the contract is the price. The Army will require the supplying company to guarantee that the grenade batch has a lifespan of ten years from its manufacturing date. The set unit price is €412.5 euros.

However, the purchase of 25,000 mortar grenades seems insufficient given the number of projectiles fired in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. If this stock were to be sent to Ukraine, it would last only a few days. Spain, if it intends to prepare a substantial stockpile and learn from the war in Ukraine, will likely need to further increase its reserves.

In contrast, the United States has significantly ramped up its shell production to strengthen its stockpile and continue supporting Ukraine in its war effort. If Spain aims to bolster its stock and support Ukraine, it is clear that 25,000 mortar munitions will not be enough. Nevertheless, it represents a significant initial step in strengthening their ground forces.

The Spanish Army has recently issued several tenders to bolster other ammunition stocks. It is also actively working on three additional contracts aimed at acquiring 105mm and 155mm projectiles and charges for its M109 howitzers, SIAC, and Light Guns.


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