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Russian Sprut SDM1 tank destroyer said to enter serial production.

| 2023

Russian state arms manufacturer Rostec announced late in April that a host of tank destroyers, including the 2S25М Sprut-SDM1, is set to roll on the production line, Sakshi Tiwari wrote in EurAsian Times on May 4.
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2S25M tank destroyer, or Sprut SDM1, displayed at Armya-2029 defense exhibition in Patriot Park near Kubinka (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Kurganmashzavod will produce the latest 2S25M tank destroyer (Sprut SDM1) and BT-3F armored personnel carriers, according to Rostec's press service as reported by Russian news agency RIA Novosti. Additional state contracts for popular categories of military hardware have also been secured with the Ministry of Defense. Rostec announced that Kurganmashzavod has been the lead contractor for the state defense order since 2023, and plans to deliver new and overhauled BMP-3, BMD-4M, BTR-MDM, BREM-L, modernized BMP-2 with the Berezhok fighting compartment, repair of airborne equipment, and new models of military equipment, including the 2S25M self-propelled anti-tank gun and BT-3F armored personnel carrier.

The 2S25M Sprut-SDM1 is known as a tank destroyer, despite being a light tank by definition, and is fully amphibious and air-portable, designed primarily for airborne troops but also suitable for naval infantry units. With ongoing conflict, Russia is believed to have hastened the development of its existing weapon systems, including tank destroyers, with serial production of the Sprut-SDM1 initially planned to begin in January 2022.

In 2022, Russia offered the Sprut SDM1 light amphibious tank to India as part of its Project Zorawar aiming at acquiring a light tank for faster mobilization and deployment in high-altitude conflict zones. Rosoboronexport, the Russian defense company, submitted a technical proposal and expressed interest in participating in the Indian tender, offering to transfer technologies and provide support to establish domestic production facilities for the tank. The proposal did not receive any follow-up, as far as it is known.

2S25M Sprut-SDM1

The 2S25M Sprut-SDM1 is a modernized version of the 2S25 Sprut-SD self-propelled anti-tank gun (SPATG) designed and manufactured by the Russian defense Company Tractor Plants. The 2S25M was specially designed to be used by the Russian airborne troops as an anti-tank vehicle.

The modernization of the 2S25 increases reliability and improves technical characteristics by unification with BMD-4M chassis components. According to a representative of Russian defense contractor Tractor Plants, the firepower of the 2S25M Sprut-SDM1 air-droppable self-propelled anti-tank gun is on par with that of the T-90MS main battle tank.

In January 2016, it was announced that the delivery of six 2S25M Sprut-SDM1s for the Russian airborne troops was planned for 2017. In June 2016, the Russian Airborne Force conducted a range of field tests of the modified Sprut-SDM1 self-propelled antitank gun (SPATG), The 2S25M can conduct combat operations in conditions of highlands or mountains and various climatic zones including hot tropical climate. It can be transported by military cargo aircraft and assault landing ships. It is air-droppable by parachute with the crew inside the vehicle for immediate operation after landing. It can cross water obstacles without preparation at sea rough up to force 3. It can embark on assault landing ships from water without assistance at the end of amphibious operations.

variant: 2S25 Sprut-SD: previous version of the vehicle armed with a 125 mm 2A75 smoothbore tank gun

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