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Russia Unveils Upgraded T-90M Tank with Enhanced Features.

| 2023

Russia has recently highlighted an advanced version of the T-90M tank, nicknamed "Proryv," through a video released by Uralvagonzavod, a subsidiary of the Rostec corporation. The press services of Uralvagonzavod have praised the superior capabilities of the upgraded T-90M, emphasizing its improved mobility and speed compared to earlier models.
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Russian Upgraded T-90M Main BattleTank (Picture source: Uralvagonzavod)

The T-90M has been refined with lessons learned from actual combat, including operations in Ukraine. The enhancements include additional dynamic protection for the tracks, the lower front part, and the rear of the tank's hull. The arrangement of these defenses, particularly on the roof, has been meticulously optimized.

A significant upgrade is the replacement of the dynamic armor in the tank's less protected sections with modules in more robust casings, bolstering the T-90M's resilience in combat.

The T-90M, developed by the Ural Transport Machine Design Bureau within Uralvagonzavod, is the most sophisticated model in the T-90 series, designed for modern warfare. It features comprehensive protection, an advanced automated fire control system, and measures to increase survivability.

Although the T-90M represents a significant leap in combat capability over the T-90, it inherits a design vulnerability common to many Russian tanks: the ammunition storage beneath the turret. A direct hit to the tank's less armored upper section could ignite the ammunition, risking a devastating explosion that could endanger the crew and dislodge the turret.

The first series of T-90M tanks were deployed with Russian forces in early 2020, evolving from the T-72 tank of the Cold War era, underscoring Russia's commitment to upgrading its armored forces.

It is clear that the recent modifications to the T-90M by Uralvagonzavod are influenced by the course of the war in Ukraine. The reinforcement of the turret is undoubtedly a response to the issue of drones widely used in the conflict. However, the exact characteristics of this new vehicle have not been disclosed by the company, so we will have to wait a little longer to see what this upgraded version of the T-90M is truly capable of.

Russia Unveils Upgraded T 90M Tank with Enhanced Features 925 002Upgraded T-90M Main BattleTank from Uralvagonzavod (Picture source: Uralvagonzavod)


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