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Rheinmetall from Germany unveils its new combat support tracked vehicle based on Lynx IFV.

| 2023

During a defense exhibition in Australia, the German company Rheinmetall unveiled its "Lynx" series infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) derivative, the combat support vehicle. Although it was only exhibited for the show, the "Lynx" combat support vehicle attracted attention with its sleek appearance and impressive performance.
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The new Rheinmetall Lynx combat support vehicle. (Picture source Facebook account Supashock)

The "Lynx" combat support vehicle is a multi-functional support vehicle developed by Rheinmetall based on the "Lynx" KF-41 IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle). It is 7.7 meters long, 3.6 meters wide, and 3.3 meters high, and has a combat weight of over 40 tons. The vehicle inherits the chassis and armor system of the "Lynx" KF-41 infantry fighting vehicle, offering high mobility and protection capabilities.

The "Lynx" combat support vehicle uses the same armor protection as the "Lynx" KF-41 infantry fighting vehicle, with welded steel plates and additional armor, forming a protective "golden bell" around the vehicle. The front armor of the "Lynx" combat support vehicle can withstand 30mm cannon fire, and the side armor can withstand 14.5mm machine gun bullets. The vehicle also features a V-shaped anti-mine chassis and independent suspension anti-mine seats, capable of withstanding the explosive shock wave from a 10-kilogram TNT anti-tank mine. Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with nuclear, biological, and chemical protection devices, as well as an automatic fire suppression system, providing comprehensive multi-layered protection for the crew.

Despite its heavy armor, the "Lynx" combat support vehicle has impressive mobility. Its power system uses a Liebherr diesel engine with an output of 1,140 horsepower. The vehicle has a top speed of 70 km/h, a maximum range of 500 km, can cross a 1-meter high step, ford water 1.5 meters deep, and cross trenches 2.5 meters wide, offering mobility comparable to most main battle tanks.

As a supporting vehicle for the "Lynx" KF-41 IFV, the "Lynx" combat support vehicle provides comprehensive wartime support. Therefore, it integrates a variety of engineering modules.

The "Lynx" combat support vehicle features a hydraulic crane with a telescopic boom that can rotate 360 degrees for operation. When necessary, it can be converted into a grab or rock crusher. Additionally, the vehicle is fitted with a bulldozer blade and a towing winch, offering limited engineering capabilities.

The primary mission of the "Lynx" combat support vehicle is damage control and accompanying maintenance support for infantry fighting vehicles. It can repair damaged or stranded vehicles and tow them to the nearest repair station or support node. When lifting equipment or small components, its front-end bucket can be lowered to the ground for stability. The vehicle can also use the bulldozer blade to clear obstacles on the road, fill ditches, and engage in engineering tasks such as opening passages and building defensive structures. The cargo platform at the rear of the vehicle can carry supplies, and with the addition of an onboard fuel tank, it can perform refueling tasks, truly offering multi-purpose and comprehensive functionality.

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