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Poland to deliver Ukraine this week 10 more Leopard 2A4 tanks.

| 2023

On March 7, 2023, the Polish Ministry of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak announced that Poland will supply Ukraine this week with 10 more Leopard 2A4 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs).
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Polish Army Leopard 2A4 MBT Main Battle Tank. (Picture source Army Recognition)

On February 24, 2023, Poland delivered the first four Leopard 2A4 to Ukraine. In January 2023, Poland announced the delivery to Ukraine of 14 Leopard 2A4 MBTs, and on February 13, 2023, the Polish Ministry of Defense announced that the training of Ukrainian soldiers to operate the Leopard 2 tanks had started.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Poland has been one of the European countries which have offered the largest military aid to Ukraine with the donation of more than 250 tanks from their military inventory.

Poland is also considered as one of the leading contributors of military aid to Ukraine. The country has actually sent more military aid to Ukraine than virtually any country other than the Baltic states. This aid has included hundreds of tanks and artillery weapons such as the Krab, 155 mm self-propelled howitzer, and other crucial military equipment. Poland also plays a vital role in the logistical efforts to deliver international military aid to Ukraine, enabling a global coalition of countries to supply the Ukrainian army with the weapons, equipment, and ammunition it needs.

With the arrival of the Leopard 2A4, the Ukrainian army will have a much more modern combat tank than the T-72 or T-80 currently used against Russian forces.

The Leopard 2A4 is a German-made tank that was first introduced in 1985, while the T-72 is a Soviet-made tank that was introduced in the early 1970s.

In terms of firepower, the Leopard 2A4 has a 120mm smoothbore gun with a range of up to 4,000 meters, while the T-72 has a 125mm smoothbore gun with a range of up to 2,500 meters. The Leopard 2A4 also has a more advanced fire control system and can fire a wider variety of ammunition types.

In terms of protection, both tanks have similar levels of armor protection, but the Leopard 2A4 has more advanced armor and a better-designed turret, which provides better protection for the crew. The Leopard 2A4 also has advanced systems for detecting and engaging targets, which makes it more effective on the battlefield.

Overall, the Leopard 2A4 is considered to be a more advanced and effective tank compared to the T-72, due to its superior firepower, protection, and battlefield capabilities. However, the T-72 remains in use by many militaries around the world due to its lower cost and reliability in certain situations.

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