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Philippine Army to choose among three 105mm towed howitzers.

| 2023

The Philippine Army led by its Commanding General Lt. Gen. Romeo Brawner was seen discussing a presentation made in the framework of the acquisition program of 105mm towed howitzers. Among those being considered are the M119A3 from the US, the MKEK Boran from Turkey, and the Nexter LG1 Mk. 3 from France.
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Ukrainian soldiers train to operate American M119A3 105mm light howitzers (Picture source: Twitter account of Ukraine Weapons Tracker)

Defense Studies writes that it looks like Horizon 3 can't push forward as it is due to pending funding requirements of Horizon 2, and that the Philippine Army is looking for ways to insert certain priority projects as urgent and now they came up with smaller goals that are achievable without heavy burden to the Philippine Government.

The M119A3 is a lightweight, towed 105mm howitzer that is used by the United States military and other countries. It is a highly mobile artillery system that can be easily transported by air, ground or sea. It is an improved version of the M119A2, which was developed in the 1980s. It has a maximum range of 14.5 km with standard ammunition, and up to 19.5 km with advanced rocket-assisted projectiles. It has a rate of fire of up to six rounds per minute and can be operated by a crew of just four soldiers. The M119A3 features a digital fire control system that allows for precise aiming and firing, and it is compatible with a wide range of ammunition types, including high explosive, illumination, smoke, and precision-guided projectiles. Overall, the M119A3 is a highly effective and versatile artillery system that is used by many countries around the world.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
M119A3 105mm howitzer (Picture source: Gagadget)

The Boran is a 105mm towed howitzer produced by the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) of Turkey. It is a modern artillery system designed for providing indirect fire support to ground troops in both offensive and defensive operations. The Boran has a range of up to 17.5 km and a firing rate of up to 10 rounds per minute. It also features an advanced fire control system, a digital gunner's sight, and a muzzle velocity radar for improved accuracy. The Boran howitzer has been in service with the Turkish Armed Forces since 2019, and it has also been exported to other countries, including Azerbaijan and Libya. It is a versatile and reliable weapon system that can be used in various operational environments and conditions.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
LG1 Mk.3 of the Belgian Motorized Brigade (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The LG1 Mk.3 is a 105mm towed howitzer developed by the French defense company Nexter. It is the latest version of the LG1 howitzer series, which was first introduced in the 1980s. The LG1 Mk.3 features a number of improvements over its predecessors, including a longer range, improved accuracy, and better mobility. It can fire a range of ammunition types, including high explosive, smoke, and illumination rounds. The howitzer is designed to be towed behind a vehicle, and can be quickly set up and fired by a crew of six. It has a maximum firing range of 17 kilometers, and a maximum rate of fire of six rounds per minute. The LG1 Mk.3 is used by a number of countries around the world, including Canada, Indonesia, and Belgium. It has seen combat in a number of conflicts, including the war in Afghanistan.

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