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Military Testing of the Unmanned Zubilo Platform Expected by the End of 2023.

| 2023

The timeline for handing over the unmanned armored vehicle "Zubilo" to the Russian Armed Forces for comprehensive testing has reportedly been revealed. The vehicle was initially showcased at the international Army-2023 forum and is expected to be tested by the year's end.
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Russian Zubilo unmanned armored vehicle at Army 2023 (Picture source: Vitaly V.Kuzmin )

Developed by AO "Remdizel," the unmanned armored vehicle has returned to the manufacturing facility for adjustments, primarily focusing on its electronic systems. These modifications are expected to be completed by the end of the current year. Following this, the vehicle will undergo necessary tests and is likely to be dispatched to the military for full-scale testing, possibly on the front lines in Ukraine, by Spring 2024.

The "Zubilo" unmanned platform is built on a standard KamAZ chassis and is named after its body shape, which resembles a chisel. The developers envision it as an unmanned support vehicle for assault teams, capable of transporting ammunition, various supplies, and more. It can also serve as a charging station for radios and drones.

In addition to these features, "Zubilo" has a payload capacity of 2.7 tons and was equipped with a primary weapon, the ZU-23-2, during the Army-2023 exhibition. However, it lacked sighting equipment, raising questions about its ability to move and fire effectively. Igor Zarakhovich, the chief designer of Remdizel JSC, indicated that "Zubilo" could be mass-produced to minimize human involvement in combat in dangerous front-line areas. He also emphasized that mass production could be quickly achieved as the vehicle is assembled from existing serial components.

Previously, a prototype of the unmanned platform had been shown to the military, but they were not satisfied with its limited autonomy. The company is currently working to address this issue. It remains to be seen what the tests by the end of this year will reveal and whether we will learn more about the capabilities of this new UGV.


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