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Israeli Emtan Karmiel Ltd supplies 9mm Ramon semi-automatic pistols to Peru.

| 2023

The Joint Command of the Peruvian Armed Forces has made a significant arms purchase, concluding a contract with the company Emtan Karmiel Ltd., an Israeli manufacturer of small arms and rifles for armies and law enforcement agencies, for the acquisition of 540 Ramon pistols of 9x19 mm caliber. The total amount of the agreement amounts to $472,500, setting the unit price of each pistol at $875.
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9 mm Ramon semi-automatic pistols (Picture source: Emtan Karmiel Ltd)

This purchase is part of the measures taken by the Joint Command to strengthen the equipment of the Armed Forces in support of operations for the National Police of Peru. It is relevant to mention that Emtan Karmiel has made similar sales in the region, including lots of MZ-4P rifles to the National Police of Ecuador and the Spanish Civil Guard, as well as a lot of Ramon semi-automatic pistols to the latter.

The design of the Ramon pistol, similar to a Glock but at a more economical price, is attractive for entities with limited budgets. For example, the Spanish Civil Guard acquired each unit at a significantly lower cost than that paid by the Joint Command of Peru, although it is important to consider the different elements included in each contract, which could influence the final cost.

The Ramon pistol, a polymer frame striker firearm, is known for its distinct features tailored for commando operations. This pistol is chambered for the 9x19 NATO caliber and is equipped with a 102mm (4.02 inches) barrel featuring a 1:10 right twist rifling, optimizing its accuracy. The total length of the Ramon pistol is a maximum of 184mm, with a width and height not exceeding 33mm and 130mm, respectively. These dimensions ensure a compact yet efficient design suitable for various operational needs.

Weighing a maximum of 630 grams without the magazine, the Ramon pistol is relatively lightweight, enhancing its ease of handling. It comes with robust steel sights, which can be upgraded with tritium inserts for improved low-light visibility. The pistol's magazine capacity is versatile, offering either a 15-round or 17-round option, depending on the user's requirement. Additionally, it includes a reversible magazine release, catering to both right and left-handed users.

For enhanced safety, the Ramon pistol features a loaded chamber indicator. It also offers optional customizations like a compensator and a threaded barrel for silencers, making it adaptable for specialized missions. Despite these advanced specifications, it's important to note that the Ramon pistol is not authorized for sale in the United States, France, and several other selected countries, restricting its availability in these markets.


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