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Iranian Tactical Sayyad new air defense missile system can engage 12 targets simultaneously.

| 2023

As reported by Tanim News Agency, Iran has unveiled its indigenous 'Tactical Sayyad' air defense system, boasting advanced capabilities for target detection and engagement. According to Afshin Naderi Sharif, the Iranian Deputy Defense Minister for Research and Industrial Affairs, the system demonstrates the ability to detect up to 24 targets within a range of 180 kilometers, while simultaneously engaging 6 to 12 of these targets within a 120-kilometer radius.
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The new 'Tactical Sayad' air defense system benefits from a key innovation in the system's design: the integration of its radars and missile launcher into a single vehicle (Picture source: Tasnim)

Sharif emphasized that the Tactical Sayyad is purposefully designed for medium altitudes, catering to scenarios where threats may emerge within that operational range. Notably, one of the system's standout features is its short-range self-protection mechanism, a significant improvement over Iran's existing Khordad-3 and Khordad-15 air defense systems. This integrated self-protection system, housed within one of its silos, renders the Tactical Sayyad impervious to low-altitude threats.

Furthermore, the official highlighted a key innovation in the system's design: the integration of its radars and missile launcher into a single vehicle. This engineering enhancement enhances the system's overall agility, enabling more rapid responses to emerging threats.

Earlier in August, Iran took a significant step by unveiling a replica of the Tactical Sayyad air defense system at the International Military Forum Army-2023 in Russia. This international exhibition marked a noteworthy milestone, indicating that the system had successfully passed rigorous testing and had transitioned into operational status within Iran.

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