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IDET 2023: Rheinmetall and STV Group present Oerlikon Skyranger 30 cutting-edge air defense system.

| 2023

Brno, Czech Republic - May 24, 2023 - STV GROUP, the largest ammunition producer in the Czech Republic, proudly showcased the Oerlikon Skyranger 30, a cutting-edge light multi-role air defense system, at the IDET 2023 defense exhibition held in Brno, Czech Republic. This event marked the fruitful partnership between STV GROUP and the German company, Rheinmetall.
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Czech Company STV Group in partnership with German company Rheinmetall presents the Oerlikon Skyranger 30, a light multirole air defense system at IDET 2023. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Responding to a growing threat landscape comprising drones, standby munitions, and smart munitions, the Oerlikon Skyranger 30 can be efficiently mounted on either an 8x8 wheeled platform or a tracked platform such as the CV90, offering unmatched adaptability.

The Oerlikon Skyranger 30 embodies a highly mobile air defense system boasting integrated active and passive search and tracking sensors. It is an autonomous shooter with gun and missile capabilities, designed to engage modern battlefield threats, particularly small unmanned aerial targets. The system delivers superior firepower combined with the dynamics and elevation needed to successfully counter highly agile single or swarming targets performing loiter, pop-up, or dive attacks.

Utilizing active 3D AESA radar and passive infrared (FIRS) sensors, the Skyranger 30 provides continuous surveillance of the surrounding airspace. It can process targets from external search radars or higher-order control systems, alongside its own air picture. The integrated, fully stabilized, high-resolution electro-optical sensor unit facilitates reliable target tracking and visual identification. Its high degree of automatization makes the Skyranger 30 both effective and user-friendly.

Armed with a 30 mm x 173 Oerlikon Revolver Cannon KCE-ABM, the Skyranger 30 offers best-in-class firepower and accuracy. Together with the Oerlikon Air Burst Munition (ABM) technology, it assures a high hit probability against even the smallest targets. For enhanced range, SHORAD missiles can be integrated into the system.

The remote-controlled gun turret, devoid of a turret basket, can be easily mounted on current in-service vehicles. Its turret and crew hatch can be protected up to level 4 (STANAG 4569).

Indeed, the Skyranger 30 embodies a collection of impressive features. A remote-controlled gun or missile turret offers exceptional firepower with an effective range of up to 3,000 meters and can extend up to 6,000 meters when armed with a missile.

The turret is armed with a 30mm Oerlikon Revolver Cannon KCE-ABM and fires 30mmx173 airburst ammunition. It delivers a nominal rate of fire of 1,200 rounds per minute, with a rapid single-shot mode of 200 rounds per minute. Adding to its potency, the Skyranger 30 also includes an integrated 7.62 mm CoAx machine gun.

The ammunition readiness is also noteworthy. The system can hold 252 rounds of 30mm ammunition and 1,000 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition. In addition, two integrated SHORAD (Short range air defense) missiles can be optionally included for an added punch.

The Skyranger 30 utilizes an integrated 360-degree AESA search radar and an optional 360-degree fast infrared scanner FIRST. Alongside these, a fully stabilized electro-optical sensor unit allows for detailed visual tracking of targets. Optional Ku-band or X-band tracking radar can also be incorporated into the system for enhanced tracking capabilities.

In terms of protection, the system can be equipped with ballistic protection of up to level 4 (STANAG 4569). It also has two 9 Rosy smoke grenade launchers to provide additional cover in combat scenarios.

The Oerlikon Skymaster C2 system forms the core of its control and command capabilities. There are two operator consoles installed within the vehicle for the commander and gunner, enhancing cooperative control during operations.

Despite its sophisticated technology and capabilities, the Skyranger 30 is designed for simple handling and maintenance, a testament to the thoughtful design ethos of STV GROUP and Rheinmetall.

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