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Germany delivers first batch of 8 Bv206S articulated all-terrain vehicles for Ukraine army.

| 2023

As listed by Army Recognition on June 1, Germany is supplying the Ukrainian army with a large package of defense aid, which includes 64 Bandvagn 206 (Bv206) articulated tracked all-terrain vehicles. The first batch of 8 vehicles has been sent to Ukraine.
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Bv206S of the German army (Picture source: Bundeswehr/Björn Trotsky)

In 2002, Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH (as the contracting authority) placed a production contract on Land Systems Hagglunds for 31 Bv206S vehicles with delivery into service by 2005. A further 75 were ordered in December 2004 and 81 in September 2005. The total Bv206S requirement for Germany was 200 vehicles.

Bandvagn 206 (Bv 206) (meaning "Tracked Vehicle 206") was developed by Hägglunds (now part of BAE Systems Platforms & Services) for the Swedish Army. It consists of two units, with all four tracks powered. With a length of 6.36 meters, a width of 2.3 meters, and a height of 2.43 meters, it can carry up to 10 people, or 1.37 tons of payload (among th 7.3 tonnes of total weight) . The trailer unit can be adapted for different uses.

The Bv206S is powered by a 6-cylinder diesel engine providing a power output of 177 hp, paired with an MB W 4A-018 automatic transmission.

The Bv206's maximum speed reaches 52 km/h on the road and 4 km/h in water. It has a remarkable range of 330 kilometers. Its all-terrain capabilities are attributed to its tracked propulsion system, allowing it to traverse various challenging landscapes, including snow, ice, marshlands, and rocky surfaces.

Bv206S variants in the German army

Bv206S medical squad
Bv206S mobile Medical Squad
Bv206S transport vehicle Zugtrupp Bergjägerzug
Bv206S transport vehicle platoon high mountain fighter platoon
Bv206S transport vehicle mountain infantry group
Bv206S transport vehicle high mountain fighter group
Bv206S command post squad
Bv206S command Support Squad
Bv206S base/training vehicle

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Bv206S of the German army (Picture source: Bundeswehr/Dana Kazda)

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