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GDELS unveils Pandur EVO 6x6 demonstrator for German Reconnaissance Project.

| 2023

According to an article by Soldat und Technik on August 30, 2023, General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) unveils a new demonstrator based on the Pandur EVO 6x6 APC at the RüNET 2023 event in Koblenz, Germany. It is equipped with an Elbit Systems unmanned UT-30 turret and a Bushmaster 30mm autocannon. Additionally, it can potentially be fitted with a 25mm cannon and optional anti-tank guided missile systems. This initiative seems to be aimed at the Bundeswehr's New Generation Reconnaissance Vehicle project.
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This new prototype is equipped with an unmanned UT-30 turret from Elbit Systems and a Bushmaster 30mm cannon (Picture source GDELS and Elbit Systems)

The purpose of showcasing this vehicle is for GDELS to demonstrate a method of achieving a future reconnaissance vehicle with minimal risk and swift implementation. This is accomplished by utilizing an already operational production-ready vehicle, the Pandur Evolution, as the base and making slight adaptations, including integrating sensors, weaponry, and amphibious capability, to meet the operational criteria.

A notable departure from the APC variant used by the German Army is the inclusion of a sensor package, which serves as the foundation for its reconnaissance capabilities. A telescopic mast that can extend up to a height of four meters supports a Hensoldt Electro-Optics BAAIII system. Moreover, the vehicle incorporates an auxiliary fuel tank, significantly extending its range to over 1,000 kilometers.

Within the vehicle's interior, there are operator stations for the driver, commander, gunner, sensor operator, and up to two additional workstations. Additionally, a service hatch offers the potential for the vehicle to be controlled through the hatch.

The Pandur Evolution 6x6 is powered by an 8.9-liter Cummins 6-cylinder diesel engine, delivering 335 kW of power through a ZF 6-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle reaches maximum speeds of 82 km/h off-road and 118 km/h on-road. It features an independent wheel suspension and the Automatic Drivetrain Management, which activates a 100% differential lock for optimal performance. GDELS has also noted the vehicle's amphibious capabilities.

In terms of protection, the vehicle incorporates Rheinmetall Protection Systems' mine protection and additional armor, conforming to STANAG 4569 Level 3 ballistic standards. With dimensions of 2.6 m in width and 2.2 m in height, the vehicle is suitable for transportation via a C-130 H/J aircraft. Safety measures encompass an explosion suppression system, a decoupled floor for mine protection, and an NBC protective ventilation system.


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