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EURENCO increases its large-caliber propellant production capacity and relocates it to France.

| 2023

EURENCO has decided to increase its production capacity for large-caliber propellants. This investment will provide a large production capacity for propellants, mainly for 155mm artillery, from 2025. It will complete the existing production line in Bergerac, thus providing a sovereign industrial tool.
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Large caliber (155mm) modular charges (Picture source: Eurenco)

This investment, carried out in close collaboration with the French Ministry of the Armed Forces and the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) as part of the French defense industry's capacity build-up and measures related to the War Economy, will be largely self-financed by EURENCO. In parallel with this investment, EURENCO is also increasing its production capacity at its other sites in Europe.

Thierry Francou, CEO of EURENCO, said: "EURENCO is fully committed to the process of increasing production capacity and relocating strategic production and know-how in France for our armies and those of our allies.”

EURENCO was created in 2004 from the merger between SNPE “Explosifs & Propulseurs” and NEXPLO. EURENCO inherited from these companies a presence in several European countries and a high level of know-how in the field of energetic materials. As the European leader in military explosives, propellants and fuels, EURENCO also supplies explosives for the civil sector (oil and gas drilling, mining) and has the world’s largest production capacity for 2-EHN (fuel additive).

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Large-caliber propellant (Picture source: Eurenco)

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