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DEFEA 2023: Rafael from Israel unveils SPYDER All-in-One new era of air defense missile system.

| 2023

In a significant development that promises to redefine the air defense paradigm, the Israeli company Rafael has introduced at DEFEA 2023, a defense exhibition in Greece, the latest addition to its SPYDER family: the All-in-One (AiO) configuration. The AiO represents a new breed of air defense systems, integrating the capabilities of multiple systems into a single 8x8 vehicle, with an emphasis on agility, autonomy, and rapid deployment.
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A scale model of the Spyder All-in-One was displayed at DEFEA 2023, a defense exhibition in Athens, Greece. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Designed to meet the critical operational needs of the modern battlefield, the SPYDER AiO (All-in-One) offers an innovative solution for air defense that combines speed, accuracy, and minimal logistical footprint. With its flexibility to deploy within minutes and adapt to challenging terrains, the AiO serves as a reliable defense asset against a broad spectrum of aerial threats, including fixed and rotary wing aircraft, UAVs, cruise missiles, and precision-guided munitions.

The SPYDER AiO's notable benefits include a unique, covert passive engagement mode supported by electro-optical sensors and a fully autonomous operational mode. Its cyber-hardened design, transportability by air, and reduced lifecycle costs further distinguish it from other air defense systems. Moreover, the system boasts of a minimum logistical footprint and compatibility with other SPYDER family assets.

The new system is capable of operating independently or interfacing with a higher echelon (C2). Notably, the SPYDER AiO radars are designed to detect threats on the move and transition quickly into a fire-on-the-halt mode. Upon detecting a threat, the vehicle halts, extends its stabilizing jacks and radar, and positions the launcher at nearly a vertical angle – all within a timeframe of three minutes, and all without requiring the crew to exit the vehicle's cabin.

In terms of firepower, the SPYDER AiO is able to fire the I-DERBY SR, I-DERBY ER, and PYTHON-5 missiles. The maximum missile range varies from 40 km for the I-Derby ER to 15 km for the Python-5 SR. The system can engage up to four targets simultaneously, and it recovers within three minutes post-engagement.

Weighing approximately 30 tonnes, including eight missiles, the AiO model retains a significant capability to protect critical assets, such as fielded and maneuvering troops, and sensitive sites. This innovative system is set to be a game-changer in air defense technology, offering a flexible, resilient, and efficient solution to modern battlefield challenges.

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