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China supplies Chechen troops with Tiger 4x4 armored vehicles for Ukraine war.

| 2023

A video shared on June 6, 2023, via the Telegram account of Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov, the Chechen Republic's head, has revealed that China has supplied an unspecified amount of Tiger 4x4 armored vehicles. These vehicles, designed and constructed by Baoji Special Vehicles Manufacturing of Shaаnxi Province, China, a firm renowned for creating special-purpose vehicles, are set to serve in the ongoing Ukraine conflict.
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China has supplied Tiger 4x4 armored vehicles to the Chechen troops who are set to be deployed in Ukraine in support of Russian forces. (Picture source Telegram account Kadyrov)

Kadyrov confirmed in his video that these newly acquired, Chinese-manufactured armored vehicles will support the military efforts in Ukraine. On February 26th, Kadyrov publicly announced the deployment of Chechen military forces to Ukraine, following Russian President Vladimir Putin's directive. Russian media outlet RT further corroborated this by showcasing a video featuring 12,000 Chechen soldiers in Grozny, the Chechen capital, getting ready for their deployment.

In June of 2022, Kadyrov disclosed the formation of four ethnic Chechen-exclusive battalions titled "North-Akhmat," "South-Akhmat," "West-Akhmat," and "East-Akhmat". These battalions are expected to participate in the Ukraine conflict. Furthermore, as of May 31, 2023, the Institute for the Study of War has posited that Kadyrov's troops may assume the mantle of the primary shock troops in the Donbas, a role formerly held by Wagner PMC, following their withdrawal.

The Chinese Tiger armored vehicles come equipped with numerous features tailored for combat scenarios. Based on a civilian 4x4 cross-country truck chassis, the armored vehicle contains a protected crew cabin in the middle section with bulletproof windows and doors. The rear compartment can comfortably accommodate nine fully-equipped soldiers.

With dimensions of 5.36m in length, 2.32 m in width, and 2.3 m in height, the Tiger carries a curb weight of 4,500 kg and a fuel capacity of 120 l. It has a payload of 1,100 kg and is capable of towing other vehicles up to 2,000 kg. The vehicle also includes a circular turret at the top of the hull for engaging lightly armored targets and armored personnel.

The Tiger 4x4 APC is motorized a Cummins ISDE200-30 diesel engine that generates 140 kW power at 2,500 rpm, with the engine compartment situated in the front. The vehicle can run a top road speed of 115 km/h with a range of up to 600 km. The vehicle's ground clearance and turning circle diameters measure 0.35 m and 15 m respectively, demonstrating considerable off-road performance and maneuverability.

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