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Azerbaijan captures Armenian Tor-M2KM and OSA air defense systems.

| 2023

As reported by Clash Report on September 22, 2023, the Azerbaijan Armed Forces took possession of a Tor-M2KM air defense system along with its complement of missiles, following the surrender of Armenian forces in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Additionally, a mobile command post for such a system was handed over to Azerbaijan, as well as a 9K33 OSA air defense system, as per information from Bushlaid and Hovhannes.
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Azerbaijan took possession of a Tor-MK2M air defense system, as well as a mobile command post for this system (Picture source: Twitter and Rosobonexport)

The Tor-M2KM is known for its adaptability, as it can be mounted on various platforms, including wheeled and tracked vehicles. It is the self-contained fighting module version of the TOR-M2 air defense missile system, designed to provide air defense capabilities. To provide context, the Armenian Armed Forces received similar Russian-made TOR-M2KM air defense missile systems in December 2019, as reported by the Army Recognition editorial team.

During the acquisition, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan disclosed that these air defense missile systems were manufactured in 2019, but specific details regarding the number of Tor-M2KM systems delivered to Armenian forces were not disclosed. The Armenian version of the Tor-M2KM is mounted on the KAMAZ-63501 8×8 all-terrain military truck, showcasing its adaptability to different chassis.

The Tor-M2KM features a modular design and is known for its self-sufficiency. Weighing in at 15 tons, it carries all the necessary equipment to operate independently without requiring external support. In a mere 3 minutes, it can transition from standby to full alert mode, capable of simultaneously tracking up to 144 air targets while prioritizing the 20 most threatening ones, as decided by its two-person crew.

This air defense system offers various configurations, including the TOR-M2E (export version with a tracked chassis), TOR-M2K (with a wheeled chassis), and the TOR-M2KM with a modular design. The modular design of the TOR-M2KM allows it to be towed, reducing its weight to 15 tons and accommodating various chassis options, such as the 9А331МК-1 TELAR, each mounting two 9M334 missile modules with four 9M9331 missiles.

One of the features of the Tor-M2KM is its high interference immunity against active and passive jamming, enabling it to perform combat operations effectively round-the-clock and in all weather conditions. The system's protection zone extends from 10 m to 12 km in altitude and up to 15 km in range, with a course parameter of ± 8 km. Within its area of responsibility, the Tor-M2KM can effectively engage existing and future aerial threats, including low-observable and low-flying targets.

The system's target detection radar can detect aerial threats at a range of up to 32 km. It achieves an airspace observation speed of 1 revolution per second, allowing it to detect up to 48 targets in one radar sweep and up to 144 targets in three sweeps. The guidance station, equipped with a phased antenna array, ensures high accuracy of guidance, enabling the simultaneous engagement of up to four aerial targets. The Tor-M2KM can engage targets with a maximum flight speed of up to 700 m per second and a minimum effective scattering area of 0.1 square meters.

This air defense system offers multiple guidance methods to address different types of threats. It can engage low-flying cruise missiles at altitudes of up to 10 meters above the ground, target moving threats, and destroy guided air bombs, aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs. One of the attributes of the Tor-M2KM is its rapid transition time to combat readiness, taking just 3 minutes to go from standby to full alert. This swift response capability is crucial in countering air assault threats effectively.

Furthermore, the system is versatile, capable of being mounted on various platforms, including truck chassis, semi-trailers, trailers, railway platforms, roofs of buildings, onboard warships, commercial vessels, and even in hard-to-reach locations on prepared sites. Its transportation flexibility extends to heavy helicopters like the MI-26T, which can carry it on an external sling. The ease with which it can be mounted and removed by lifting devices with a load capacity of at least 25 tons within 10 mn enhances its operational efficiency.

Additionally, the Azerbaijan Armed Forces also took possession of an OSA air defense system. The SA-8 Gecko, known as the 9K33 OSA in Russia, is a highly mobile and short-range tactical surface-to-air missile system. This Russian-made system was introduced in 1971-1972 and bears the NATO code name "Gecko." Its primary purpose is to provide low-altitude air defense, with an emphasis on mobility and adaptability.

The SA-8 Gecko features a unique design with six ready-to-fire missiles mounted on the roof of the vehicle. These missiles are equipped with a radio-command guiding system. The system's engagement range varies, with the basic version having a range of approximately 9 kilometers and an engagement altitude of 5,000 m. Upgraded missile variants extend the engagement range to 10,000 m and increase the engagement altitude to 12,000 m.

Azerbaijan OSA 925

The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan also took possession of an OSA air defense system (Picture source: Hovhannes/Twitter)


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