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UMEX 2022: Ziyan UAS unveils Blowfish A3 helicopter UAS.

| 2022

The company Ziyan UAS is unveiling its Blowfish A3 helicopter UAS that can be used in swarm if needed for either reconnaissance or attack missions.
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Ziyan UAS Blowfish A3 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Support Ziyan "Distributed Swarm System" maintains the swarm formation by real-time communication with each other, rather than relying on the pre-programming by a ground control station. The advantage is that even if the UAVcannot receive the signal from the ground control station, it can still fly in formation and can avoid each other on its own.

Moving base, dynamic takeoff landing, and auto-follow support: Blowfish 3 operates from a moving base with intelligent take-off, landing, and auto-follow system. With a recommended 4mx4m take-off and landing space, it can take-off and/or land on a high-speed mobile platform to meet the needs of shipborne operations at sea, and air-ground integrated combat missions.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) HD Data Link: the Blowfish 3 supports a 30km range transmission data link, integrated video/data 2 in 1 transmission design. Independent frequency can be set with automatic frequency hopping features. The system has a strong anti-interference capability, adopting AES-2S6 encryption algorithm technology to ensure the security of data transmission.

Al reconnaissance aiming: The moving target can be detected, extracted, identified and tracked, and the motion parameters of the moving target, such as position, velocity, acceleration and trajectory, can be obtained by the system.

The UAS weighs 12 kg and its 30 km control radius offers a wide range of potential uses. Able to operate up to 60 minutes at 50-75 km/h in cruising speed (100 km/h maximum speed), under -20 to +55°C, from 5,400 meters as the maximum takeoff altitude in automatic mode, including for the mission completion, the data/videolink transmission range enables missions at distances of up to 30 km.

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