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UMEX 2022: DOK-ING unveils innovative robotic system Komodo.

| 2022

After more than three years of development, DOK-ING presented Komodo, an innovative remote-controlled robotic system for operations in extreme nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) conditions at UMEX 2022.
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Innovative robotic system Komodo (Picture source: Army Recognition)

It is a unique machine that can operate in conditions of an open fire, explosion, collapse, high concentrations of explosive and toxic substances, as well as in terrorist threats.

This robotic system from the field of NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical defense) is one of the most important innovative security-defense projects in the Republic of Croatia.

The value of this project, which is in collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, fully developed in DOK-ING, is 2,5 million €, of which 50 percent were co-financed through the European structural and investment funds.

The vehicle weighs 17 tons and has a hybrid drive. Due to the batteries, it can operate in environmental conditions where internal combustion engines cannot work, for example where there are low oxygen levels or high temperatures.


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