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Ukraine to receive H-63 D-30 122mm howitzers and Javelin missiles from Estonia.

| 2022

According to Laurent Lagneau in opex360, by maneuvering troops around Ukraine to give the impression that an offensive was probably planned, Russia got what it arguably sought from the start, which is to bring the United States and NATO to discuss the “legal” guarantees on its security which it has detailed in two separate draft treaties on the security architecture in Europe.
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H-63, or D-30, 122mm howitzer (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Estonia, which fears the sights of its Russian neighbor, is considering doing like the U.S., which means delivering some military assistance to Ukraine: Peeter Kuimet, head of international cooperation at the Estonian Ministry of Defense, told the EER (Estonian public radio and television network) that Tallinn was considering the possibility of ceding 42 old H-63 (or D-30) 122mm howitzers to Kyiv, as well as FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missiles, which Army Recognition already reported on January 2, 2022. Given "the situation in which Ukraine finds itself victim of Russian aggression for almost eight years (in reference to Donbas and Crimea), there is no question of quibbling over kopecks", Peeter Kuimet said. He added that the aim is to identify areas that would allow Ukraine to strengthen its own defense capabilities and deterrence. In addition, Peeter Kuimet continued, "Thanks to the experience of the Ukrainians, we also have a clearer idea of what a conflict or battle with the Russian Federation looks like."

However, Laurent Lagneau underlines, in order to transfer these weapons to Ukraine, Estonia must first obtain permission from their countries of origin. While on the face of it the United States shouldn't have any difficulty with the Javelin missiles, the case of the Soviet-made H-63 howitzers acquired in 2009 from Finland could be more complicated.

In any case, the transfer of these Estonian arms and ammunition could take months. And Ukraine probably does not have time to wait.


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