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UK Sky Sabre air defense missile system deployed in Poland to protect its airspace.

| 2022

According to information published on the Twitter account of the Polish Minister of Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, on July 6, 2022, the United Kingdom deployed its Sky Sabre air defense missile system to guarantee the safety of the Polish airspace and after the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine.
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The British army has deployed its Sky Sabre air defense missile system in Poland to guarantee the safety of the Polish airspace. (Picture source British MoD)

On March 17, 2022, the British Secretary of State for Defense Ben Wallace announced the deployment of the Sky Sabre air defense missile system. According to Social media, the Sky Sabre deployed in Poland system is operated by 11 Battery Royal Artillery of the British army.

The deployment of the British Sky Sabre air defense system was approved following a bilateral agreement between the UK and Polish Governments, the British Army provided a ground-based air defense capability in a defensive posture to Poland to augment Poland’s own air defense assets and provide a more layered capability.

Sky Sabre, only recently introduced to the British Army’s air defense arsenal, as its name implies is very much at the cutting edge of 21st-century ground-based anti-aircraft missile technology. It has provided a massive upgrade in medium-range air defense capability bringing with it unprecedented speed, accuracy, precision, and target acquisition.

According to a British military source, the Sky Sabre can hit an aerial target which has the size of a tennis ball traveling at twice the speed of sound and as impressive as that sounds, Sky Sabre can do that to 24 separate targets traveling at supersonic speed simultaneously! Sky Sabre can be used to engage fast fighter jets, attack helicopters, drones, laser-guided smart bombs, and cruise missiles.

The Sky Sabre Air Defense System includes the CAMM (Common Anti-Air Modular Missile), the launcher missile vehicle, and two fire unit support vehicles. The CAMM missile has a minimum operational range of less than 1 km and a maximum range greater than 25 km. It has a weight of 99 kilograms, a length of 3.2 meters, a diameter of 166 millimeters and reaches a supersonic speed of Mach 3 (or 1,020 meters per second).

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