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Turkiye delivers more MEMATT mine clearance vehicles to Azerbaijan.

| 2022

As reported by Azernews on July 30, Türkiye handed over 13 unmanned, remote-controlled mine clearance vehicles to Azerbaijan, Trend reports citing the Turkish Ministry of National Defense's Twitter post.
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MEMATT remotely-controlled mine-clearing vehicle (Picture source: ASFAT)

"The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan received 13 MEMATT remotely-controlled vehicles developed by the Turkish Military Factory and Shipyard Management (ASFAT) defense company. Thus far, a total of 20 vehicles have been delivered to Azerbaijan," the ministry tweeted.

MEMATT's design, prototyping, and production took 14 months before it was ready for service with the Turkish Armed Forces. The MEMATT achieved over a 95% success rate in mine tests conducted in Turkey and passed all required tests in Azerbaijan.

The MEMATT is covered with Armox 500T, the world's toughest guard plate, is mine-resistant and can be remotely controlled from a distance of 500 m (1,600 ft). The equipment can move at a speed of 4 km/h (1.1 m/s), descend to a depth of 25 cm and clear a 1-kilometer-long, 1.7-meter-wide area of mines within an hour. It has a wireless system that allows viewing of cameras and video recordings as well as displaying vehicle information and real-time HD image quality. It also possesses attachment sensors on board that automatically detect the digging depth in order to prevent damage to the attachment.

According to Caspian News, in addition to the MEMATT, Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) also uses three Slovak-made Bozena-4 and two Bozena-5 minesweepers, one Croatian-made MV-4 special-purpose mine-clearing machine, and one AARDVARK mine clearance vehicle of the British production for mine clearance. Revival-P1 minesweeper of the Azerbaijani production is also expected to join the mine action soon. Officials at ANAMA say the neutralization of unexploded ammunition, warheads, and missiles in the combat zones could take 5-6 years, while it is about 10-13 years for the mined areas.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
MEMATT can move at a speed of 4 km/h (1.1 m/s), descend to a depth of 25 cm and clear a 1-km-long, 1.7-m-wide area of mines within an hour. (Picture source: ASFAT)


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