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Latvia already totals EUR 300 Mn in military support to Ukraine.

| 2022

According to, the public broadcasting of Latvia, since February 24, the military support provided by the Latvian government to Ukraine in the fight against the Russian invaders has been estimated at around €300 million, while Latvian residents, businesses and non-governmental organizations have collected donations of more than €15.7 million, the Ministry of Defense said on August 29.
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M109A5Oe self-propelled howitzer of the Latvian army (Picture source: screenshot from video footage DIENA)

The military support provided by Latvia includes weapons, individual equipment, dry food rations, munitions, antitank weapons, anti-aircraft missiles Stinger, unmanned aircraft, self-propelling howitzers, helicopters, fuel, and other goods. With the support of the Latvian Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs, humanitarian aid is regularly delivered to Ukraine, including warm tactical clothing, footwear, and equipment for soldiers, long-lasting food products, as well as specially prepared vehicles. The latest shipment also included military equipment supplied by the National Armed Forces.

The latest delivery dates back to earlier this summer. On August 15, Oleksii Rezniko, the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, tweeted that the Latvian Ministry of Defence had confirmed the delivery of six self-propelled M109A5Oe howitzers and ammunition to Ukrainian forces to support their defense against the Russian invasion. Oleksii Reznikov wrote that the howitzers “are already showing results on the battlefield”.

The Latvian Ministry of Defense, in cooperation with the “Entrepreneurs for Peace” organization, is implementing an initiative aimed at collecting donations of more than EUR seven million to provide military vehicles, armor, armored ambulances, technology solutions, and other forms of military assistance to the Ukrainian armed forces. The senior expert on international military religious cooperation Elmārs Pļaviņš said that with the support of the “Entrepreneurs for Peace” movement, the vehicles donated mainly come to the Ukrainian armed forces and National Guard units and are effectively used daily to perform various important support functions.

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