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Iran showcases Sorena II Light Weight Helicopter at ADEX.

| 2022

The Iranian Ministry of Defense has a booth on this occasion of the 4th Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition, at Baku Expo Center. They are showcasing a model of the Sorena II Light Weight Helicopter.

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A model of the Sorena II Light Weight Helicopter on Iranian MoD booth, Baku, Azerbaijan. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The PANHA Sorena is an Iranian lightweight helicopter manufactured by PANHA (Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Company), and was unveiled in November 2014.

Its highest lifting weight is about 1144 kg; The highest speed of Sorena-helicopter is nearly 240-160 km/h which is depending upon the different conditions (160 km in standard mode); Its range is approximately five hundred and fifty five km.

Sorena helicopters, consisting of the costs of training, patrol, utilized in events/mission of an organization among the Red Crescent. This piston-engined helicopter is considered as a 4-seat helicopter with a 300 HP power engine; and its flight speed is 160 km. Among its other specifications are as follows: Elevation fourteen-thousand feet; Height up to 9000 feet; 5.08 meters per second.

Sorena Helicopter was unveiled in November 2014 at the seventh Iranian Aerospace (Iran Aviation Industries Organization) show in Kish, located at the south of Iran.

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