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Eurosatory 2022: Rheinmetall from Germany to present new defense products and capabilities.

| 2022

Eurosatory 2022, the most important defense show on the European mainland, takes place this year in Paris from 13 to 17 June. Under the motto “Move – Sense – Strike”, German company Rheinmetall will be on hand, presenting part of its extensive array of products, systems and activities for the digitized battlefields of the future. With an exhibition area of around 3,000 square meters, this will be Rheinmetall’s biggest-ever presence at Eurosatory.
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German company Rheinmetall Defense will present defense products and capabilities at Eurosatory 2022. (Picture source: Rheinmetall)

Here are some of the Rheinmetall products making their debut at this year’s show:

Future Tanknology - KF51 main battle tank: The KF51 is the newest member of Rheinmetall’s family of tracked armored fighting vehicles. Delivering dual-capability dominance, the platform sets new standards in every category – lethality, survivability, mobility, networkability, and reconnaissance. Its 130mm main armament and other effectors endow the KF51 with superior firepower. The vehicle will be presented at a ceremony on 13 June at 14:00 hrs.

Rheinmetall Technology Cube: Now more than ever, defense technology systems are developed in close coordination with their future users. The Rheinmetall Technology Cube exploits cutting-edge technology, including augmented reality, to conduct a dialogue with users and procurement officials when developing next-generation combat vehicles. The aim is to rethink the future together – by integrating new kinds of drives, sensors, and subsystems into fully digitized, scalable vehicle platform concepts.

Airborne vehicle family: In cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and ACS Armoured Car Systems, Rheinmetall now offers a versatile, high mobility 4x4 vehicle family specially designed for light airmobile and special operations units. The vehicle system family will debut at Eurosatory.

Natter remote-controlled weapon station: Rheinmetall has developed a new family of remote-controlled weapon stations. Thanks to its high-performance sensors, modularity and independent stabilization, the Natter (“adder”) features excellent reconnaissance and engagement capabilities. Various versions of the Natter make it possible to arm tracked and wheeled armored vehicles with a wide spectrum of effectors ranging from light machine guns to medium caliber cannon. 

Unmanned systems and robotics: For the first time, Rheinmetall will be presenting the newly developed LUNA NG (Next Generation) unmanned aerial vehicle, designed for unmanned aerial reconnaissance, classification, and recognition of objects in real-time. Rheinmetall will also be showing how various integrated, unmanned air-supported reconnaissance systems can reinforce the sensors of ground platforms and improve overall situational awareness. The Robotics-L walking robot and Mission Master models SP and XT demonstrate how robotics is already changing the modern battlefield. Robotics-L can carry out reconnaissance missions. The Mission Master SP vehicle is configured for transporting cargo, while the XT is designed for a fire support role with a launcher for loitering munitions.

Loitering munitions: These air-supported precision munitions combine the characteristics of drones and guided missiles. They enhance the ability of even small units to reconnoitre target zones from above, coupled with a standoff, high-precision engagement of targets. Rheinmetall and its partner UVision have entered a cooperation agreement to market UV’s Hero family of loitering munitions in Europe. At Eurosatory, the two companies will be highlighting possibilities for integrating Hero LM systems into manned and unmanned vehicles.

In addition to these debuts, Rheinmetall will also be presenting various other products and projects.

These include:

HX3 vehicle family: Rheinmetall’s new HX3 vehicle generation features improved protection, even better mobility, greater driving comfort and digital interface architecture, assuring heightened operational flexibility and abundant scope for future performance upgrades. At Eurosatory 2022, Rheinmetall’s wheeled self-propelled howitzer will be on display, mounted on a high mobility HX 10x10 chassis. The HX3 can also serve as the transport component for the Skynex air defense system.

Air defense: Mobile, modular, and scalable, ground-based air defense systems are gaining new importance now that NATO armed forces are focusing once again on defending national and allied territory and airspace. At Eurosatory, Rheinmetall is displaying a Boxer 8x8 wheeled armored vehicle configured for an air defense role, topped with the Sykranger 30 turret and an integrated surface-to-air missile launcher. Also on show will be the Skynex air defense system, consisting of a 35mm Mk3 Revolver Gun, Multi-Sensor Unit with AESA radar, and a Control Node 1 command center, with a high-energy laser functioning as a future effector.

Force protection: Rheinmetall’s comprehensive expertise in the field of force protection ranges from individual passive ballistic solutions to advanced stand-off active protection systems for combat vehicles. Visitors to Eurosatory 2022 can inspect Rheinmetall’s StrikeShield, an integrated hybrid module for vehicles that combine active and passive protection technology.

Digitized battlefield: As a leading systems integrator, Rheinmetall possesses all the knowledge necessary for networking various entities on the digital battlefield of the future. At Eurosatory 2022, Rheinmetall will show how the interplay of sensors, effectors and human-machine interfaces can lift the “fog of war”. Rheinmetall will also be showcasing the current configuration of its Gladius 2.0 soldier system and how it can be networked with manned and unmanned vehicles and subsystems.

At Eurosatory 2022, furthermore, Rheinmetall will be presenting its comprehensive expertise in practically every other capability category. These include weapons and ammunition for threat-commensurate, scalable application of force as well as innovative, networkable sensor systems for applications on land, at sea and in the air, in addition to high-performance simulation technology for top-of-the-line training. We look forward to welcoming you to Eurosatory 2022 at Stand F241-240 in the outdoor area behind Hall 6!

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