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Eurosatory 2022: IDV unveils its Modular Military Range vehicle.

| 2022

Iveco Defence Vehicles is participating in the 2022 edition of Eurosatory, taking place from June 13th to June 17th. IDV presents the most recent developments in its product range. This exhibition is a great opportunity to highlight the company’s latest commercial successes and to present the product portfolio to existing as well as potential Customers and to other visitors of the show. The 2022 edition of Eurosatory is the first official occasion in which IDV presents itself with its brand-new logo and the new visual identity, both underlining more than ever IDV’s future-oriented and innovative approach.
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The new Modular Military Range vehicle at IDV booth in Eurosatory (Picture source: Army Recognition)

At Eurosatory 2022, IDV is presenting for the very first time the new Modular Military Range, which now makes part of the company’s tactical and logistics vehicles portfolio. This new family has been based on the significant experience acquired over the years in operational theatres, adapting to the Customers needs to operate a versatile fleet of military trucks.

Ranging from 4x4 to 10x10 with different types of cabins, the new Modular Military Range is able to fulfil a great variety of roles, while ensuring a high level of commonality to reduce the logistic footprint. The new Modular Range is the customer-driven evolution of two product lines – High Mobility Trucks and Military Logistic Trucks. This new Modular Range is based on a common chassis design with the possibility to install either military type or militarized/civilian type unprotected cabins (derived from the brand-new IVECO T-WAY). Even for the protected cabs two choices are available: either tactical low roof cabs or logistic high roof cabs, both with the highest levels of protection against KE-threats, mines and IEDs.

To reach a high level of standardization across the range, each truck can be configured selecting COTS or MOTS building blocks (e.g.: engines, transmissions, axles, electronics, etc.) to be integrated on heavy-duty chassis in order to comply with the Customers’ specific set of requirements and the different level of militarization.

The design phases also gave due consideration to the individual requirements to be met for civil use of the vehicles (European Approval). The cabin has also been designed in compliance with European standards ECE R29.03 to improve the response of the structure in the event of a collision and to enhance the safety of the occupants. The new portfolio now consists of vehicles with chassis from 4x4 to 10x10, with a technical GVW ranging from 18 tons to 40 tons and above, and with a maximum Gross Combined Weight of up to 130 tons in its heavy haulage versions. Engines are available in EURO III, EURO V and EURO VI and are prepared to operate with military and low-quality fuels.

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