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UMEX 2022: CATIC from China showcases AR-36 UAV.

| 2022

AR-36 is a full-autonomous, low-altitude, long-endurance, multi-purpose, tail-mounted, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) UAV. It combines the advantages of VTOL and a long-endurance feature of a fixed-wing UAV. It is motorized with a hybrid powerplant.
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AR-36 drone unveiled by Chinese company CATIC (Picture source: Army Recognition)

CATIC’s AR-36 can carry various mission payloads to implement real-time reconnaissance, detection, tracking and surveillance, escort, monitoring, communication and relay missions.

The drone has a 12-hour endurance with a full 5kg load and 16 liters of fuel. It is protected against salty air for naval use. It requires only 5 minutes for assembly and disassembly.Its modular design makes it easy to maintain. The entire system made of the drone, its control station and packaging weighs less than 40 kg.

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