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DSA 2022 Video: FNSS from Turkey continues to grow its defense business offering PARS armored vehicles.

| 2022

At DSA 2022, defense exhibition in Malaysia, the Turkish company FNSS presents its PARS 4x4 and PARS III 6x6 with the goal to grow its defense business in Asia by showcasing the latest generation of wheeled combat armored vehicles.
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In Malaysia, FNSS has jointly produced the AV8 Gempita a family of 8x8 armored vehicles designed for the Malaysian armed forces.

In Indonesia, FNSS has developed a new generation of a medium tank, the Kaplan MT in collaboration with the Indonesian company PT Pindad. Recently, FNSS has announced the first serial production of the Kaplan MT. 

In the Philippines, FNSS has announced on 4 January 2021 that delivery of the Armoured Amphibious Combat Earthmover (AACE) vehicles ordered by the Philippine Department of National Defense (DND) last year will be completed by the end of March 2023.

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