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DSA 2022: Nexter from France promotes its LG1 105mm Light Gun for Asian military market.

| 2022

At DSA 2022, Defense Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, French Company Nexter presents its full range of artillery solutions including the latest variant of its LG1, a 105mm Light towed Gun which weighs only 1,650 kg.

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French company Nexter exhibits the latest variant of its LG1 105 Light towed Gun at DSA 2022, a defense exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

In April 2018, a contract for the delivery of the LG1 to the Malaysian army was signed with the French company Nexter during the DSA defense exhibition. Malaysian army has taken delivery of the first batch of six 105 mm LG1 light towed artillery systems ordered in 2018 from French defense company Nexter. Currently, 18 LG1 are in service with the Malaysian army.

The LG1 is a 105mm Light Gun that has been developed by Giat Industries, especially for the export market, and which is now marketed by the French company Nexter. Currently, the LG1 is in service with Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

The LG1 Light Gun has a split trail carriage and 105mm 30 caliber ordnance that is fitted with a double-baffle muzzle brake. It can be towed by a light tactical vehicle with the 105 mm ordnance over the closed trails or with the ordnance deployed in the normal firing position.

In the firing position, it is supported on its two trails and a circular firing platform that is lowered under the forward part of the carriage. The gun of LG1 has a maximum firing range of 18,500 m using HEE BB ammunition. The LG1 can be loaded and fired at any elevation from -3 to +70º and also has a direct-fire capability out to 2,000 m.

The latest version of the LG1 is now equipped with an inertial navigation unit used to guide the position and aim the canon. This system further reduces the time for getting into firing configuration. The 105 LG Mk III can be integrated into a firing control system (system C3l).

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