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Vietnamese army gets Polish mechanized bridges MS-20 Daglezja.

| 2021

According to a contract signed in the fourth quarter of 2018, the OBRUM Mechanical Equipment Research Center of Poland manufactured and delivered four MS-20 Daglezja mechanized bridges to the Vietnamese People's Army, Defense Studies reports.

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Polish-made MS-20 Daglesja mechanized bridge (Picture source: Ministertwo Obrony Narodowej)

Vietnam becomes the second user of these systems after Poland, where 12 of these bridges are already in operation in the engineering troops. These vehicles have been adapted to the buyer's requirements in terms of local climatic conditions. As a result, electronic systems, hydraulics and corrosion protection have been changed. They were also painted with a special paint adapted to the local climate.

The four mechanized bridges are now getting prepared for the final tests in order to officially take them into use and then put them into operation. OBRUM engineers are currently training a group of the first 20 operators of these systems.

MS-20 Daglezja is a Polish mechanized bridge on a car chassis, designed and manufactured by OBRUM Sp.z.o.o Consists of a Jelcz C662D.43 6x6 tractor with a 6x6 transport trailer, an overhead stacker and a PM-20 bridge span.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

The Vietnamese army has received the four MS-20 Daglesja mechanized bridges bought from Poland (Picture source: OBRUM)


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