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Video MSPO 2021: Day 2 International Defense Industry Exhibition coverage Poland.

| 2021

Day 2 for Army Recognition editorial team at MSPO 2021, the International Defense Industry Exhibition that takes place in Kielce, Poland from 7 to 10 September 2021. As Official Online Show Daily News and Official Web TV for MSPO 2021, we cover the event with daily news and videos.
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Summary of this video:

For the past ten years, Poland’s military has undergone changes designed to transform it into a more capable, mobile, and NATO-compatible force. Modernization plans include the improvement of troop capacity/mobility and air defense systems and the further development of a professional army. Poland leads the former East-Bloc countries in transforming from Soviet-era equipment to modern NATO platforms. The total for the 2020-2035 modernization plan is estimated at $133B.

The MSPO Intrenational Defense Industry Exhibition is very important for international defense and scurity companies to showcase latest military equipment and respond to the needs an requests of Polish armed forces. In this video, we focus to the presence of international companies at MSPO 2021.

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