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SOFINS 2021: RTSys unveils NemoSens micro autonomous underwater vehicle.

| 2021

NemoSens is a micro-AUV, the latest in the RTSys range, completing the offer by offering a very light, small, lower cost underwater drone while benefiting from the mature features of the Comet-300 range: navigation, communication and positioning acoustic.

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NemoSens is a micro-AUV, the latest in the RTSys range (Picture source: Army Recognition)

NemoSens’ slightly positive buoyancy and its short length allowing it to follow the swell making its recovery easy at the end of the mission, the user can locate it by acoustic link and / or UHF. Only one person is needed to collect it. NemoSens equipped with a 600Wh lithium-ion battery pack can
sail for 8 hours at 4 knots. This battery pack is certified IATA.

Autonomous relay beacon

NemoSens can be used as a repositioning relay buoy. A mission is programmed in which is specified the position of the relay, NemoSens is autonomous and can go on site. By acoustic communication, NemoSens is able to relay position information (information sent with GPS precision). For the system (s) operating in submarines, this information allows precise repositioning thanks to the relocation algorithm (RTSYS property) with which they are equipped.

NemoSens can also be used as a communication relay if specific needs related to a mission so require. In particular, it makes it possible to double the communication range between two systems underwater or to guarantee communication even in the event of an obstacle between two systems.

Mission programming

Mission programming is done via a proprietary RTSys HMI compatible with the entire range. This HMI can be installed on a waterproof PC or tablet (optional) and also allows updating and retrieving navigation elements if necessary.


*Micro-AUV (98cm)
* Ease of deployment, recovery and maintenance
* Underwater acoustic communication real-time Comet protocol
* Operating conditions until Wed 4
* Discretion throughout the mission

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