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ShieldAfrica 2021: Theon Sensors exposes NYX family of products.

| 2021

Theon Sensors, an innovative and user-focused developer of night vision systems has showcased during Shield Africa 2021 the Land Defense Exhibition that is taking place in Abidjan., the NYX family of products.


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The NYX family of products (Picture source: Army Recognition)

NYX is a cutting-edge, full MIL-SPEC, image intensified, dual tube binocular that is able to be operated helmet-mounted, head-mounted or hand-held. It offers better depth perception than single tube systems making it easier to judge distances and relative motion so the ability to perform tasks such as driving is greatly improved.

NYX includes an integrated infrared illuminator, reducing the need for the warfighter to carry a separate illuminator. Image intensifiers enable soldiers to operate in low- and no-light combat scenarios more effectively than ever before and can easily be replaced at the unit level.

For momentary configuration changes, the user can flip away each monocular separately. With both monoculars flipped away and flipped up, the system stows along the contour of the helmet thus reducing its silhouette and neck strain, minimizing the danger of system damage. NYX features self-contained single AA battery power and can be also operated via a remote battery pack at the rear of the helmet for increased operational life.

The number of NATO countries and partners that use Theon Sensors’ night vision monoculars and binoculars to a total of 14 including the armed forces of Greece, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, The Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden and of course the United States.

The NYX is locally assembled and supplied by Elbit Systems of America to the U.S. Marines Corps under the designation PVS-31D. Indeed, Elbit selected the NYX after extensive evaluation as the system to be promoted and marketed in the US and worldwide under the brand name F5032.


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