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ShieldAfrica 2021: Cerbair unveils Chimera anti-drone kit.

| 2021

The French security and defense company Cerbair showcases Chimera 100 anti-drone kit which is a solution that has successfully merged drone detection and neutralization technologies during ShieldAfrica, the Land Defense Exhibition that holds in Abidjan.

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CHIMERA 100 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

CHIMERA 100 is a complete portable counter-drone solution designed to detect, identify, track and neutralize rogue drones. It is the combination of the two systems (HYDRA, a mobile drone, and pilot detection unit, and MEDUSA a specially designed jammer) for special forces (police, gendarmerie, army, etc.).

Composed of 3 connected hardware items: an antenna, located in the dedicated backpack, a digital C2 (Command and Control) tablet attached to the front of the tactical vest, and an effector.

CHIMERA 100 allows a single operator on a mission to detect and neutralize nefarious drones.

The Chimera system has several advantages, like its lightweight (less than 12kg), its new shaped body, allowing military personnel to carry it easier, in addition to the regular equipment.

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