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Rostec to fit BMP-3 IFV with new engine and panoramic sight.

| 2021

Russia’s BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) is set to receive the upgraded UTD-32T turbocharged diesel engine and a panoramic sight for commander’s sensor suite, the arms cluster of state corporation Rostec told the TASS news agency on April 2.
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BMP-3 IFV (Picture source: Army Recognition)

“We are planning to fit the BMP-3 IFV with the UTD-32T engine. It has a power output of 660 hp and is more effective than the previous powerpack of the vehicle. The new engine requires less time to be launched and switches running modes in a more rapid manner; it will also increase the maneuverability of the land platform,” said a representative of Rostec.

According to the press department of Rostec’s holding High-Precision Weapons, there is a plan to fit the BMP-3 with a commander’s thermal imaging panoramic sight. The combat vehicle also carries a new communication system, said the press department. “According to the requirements of the military, communications systems pass through constant upgrades,” noted a representative of High-Precision Weapons. The serial BMP-3 IFVs being delivered to the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) feature reinforced protection, according to the holding.

The BMP-3 has a high potential for further modernization, said High-Precision Weapons. It will pass through upgrades, remaining in service for a long period of time. The marinized variant of the platform — BMP-3 °F — is also being updated. “The modernization of the BMP-3 °F comes along with the upgrade of the baseline variant,” said the press department.

The BMP-3 IFV was adopted in 1987. The land platform is armed with a 100 mm gun capable of launching guided missiles and a 30 mm coaxial automatic cannon. According to the experts, the BMP-3 carries the most powerful armament suite in its class. The UTD-32 engine is an upgraded variant of the UTD-29, which is fitted with a turbocharger.

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