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Poland signs contract to purchase 300 second-hand Cougar MRAP vehicles from US.

| 2021

According to a Tweet published on December 8, 2021, by Mariusz Błaszczak, the Polish Defense Minister, Poland has signed a contract with the United States for the supply of second-hand Cougar 4x4 MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles.
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Cougar MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle from U.S Marines. (Picture source U.S. DoD)

On November 10, 2021, Army Recognition has reported that Polish had planned to procure 300 second-hand MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) Cougar 4x4 vehicles from the United States.

After the announcement in October 2021, for the acquisition by the Polish army of 250 M1A2 SEP V3 main battle tanks, this is new a contract for Poland with the United States.

Poland graduated from USAID assistance in 2000 and capitalized on its successful transition experience to become a provider of assistance to other countries in the region. For example, Poland has been a regional leader in partnering with the United States through the Emerging Donors Challenge Program (EDCP) – a program overseen by the Office of the Coordinator of U.S. Assistance to Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia.

U.S. security assistance enhances Poland’s capability to meet its NATO obligations and to deploy and sustain professional forces in multilateral operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The United States has devoted substantial funds to enhance Polish military facilities and sustain the U.S. troop presence in Poland via the European Deterrence Initiative (EDI). In March 2018, Poland signed a $4.75B letter of acceptance to purchase the Patriot air and missile defense system, marking Poland’s largest military procurement ever. In January 2020, the Polish government signed a contract to purchase 32 F-35 fighter jets from American partners. Poland was one of the first countries to meet its Wales and Warsaw burden-sharing commitments to spend at least two percent of GDP on defense and at least twenty percent of that on major military modernization and equipment.

The MRAP vehicles are a family of vehicles designed to provide increased crew protection and vehicle survivability against current battlefield threats, such as IEDs, mines, and small arms. The United States Department of Defense (DoD) initiated the MRAP program in response to an urgent operational need to meet multi-Service ground vehicle requirements for deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Cougar is a 4x4 wheeled combat vehicle in the category of MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) that was designed by the American company Force Protection, which is now part of General Dynamics. The vehicle is based on a monocoque V-shaped design offering a high level of protection from the blast of mines and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).

The layout of the Cougar is conventional for wheeled combat vehicles with an engine at the front, a crew cabin in the middle, and a troop compartment at the rear. The driver and the commander are seated at the front of the vehicle while the rear part can accommodate up to six soldiers.

The roof of the Cougar MRAP can be fitted with an open-top weapon station or a remotely controlled weapon station armed with on 7.62mm machine gun, 12.7mm heavy machine gun, or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher.

The Cougar MRAP is powered by a Caterpillar C-7 diesel engine developed 330 hp at 1,450 rpm coupled to a six-speed Allison 3500 SP series automatic transmission. it can run at a maximum road speed of 104 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 675 km.

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