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MSPO 2021: New Polish AG-35 35mm mobile short-range anti-aicraft gun system developed by Pit-Radwar.

| 2021

At MSPO 2021, International Defense Exhibition in Poland, Polish company Pit-Radwar presents a new solution of short-range air defense system mounted on Jelcz 6x6 military truck platform armed with one AG-35 anti-aircraft 35mm cannon that can be connected to a command a control station and used in manual or autonomous mode.

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PIT-RADWAR AG-35 35mm mobile anti-aircraft gun system at MSPO 2021. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The AG-35 is a 35mm anti-aircraft gun system fully developed and designed by the Polish company PIT-RADWAR S.A Company. The gun is designed to destroy to aerial targets as wing and rotary aircraft, cruise missiles and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) flying at low and very low altitudes, as well as light-armored ground and naval targets.

In the air defense solutions, the mobile AG-35 anti-aircraft system is connected to a fire control armored vehicle which is equipped with a tracking radar system as well as software offering a new solution of VSHORAD (Very Short Range Air Defense) anti-aircraft battery. The command post is based on the 4x4 Zubr armored vehicle developed by the Polish company AMZ-Kutno.

The components of the AG-35 anti-aircraft gun system also include a hydraulic gun control system and a fully automatic positioning subsystem that can control the azimuth and the elevation of the gun. To control the gun, communication and data exchange subsystems are also integrated on the mobile gun system.

The AG-35 mobile gun system is fitted with a ZGS-158 tracking head consisting of an 3rd generation of thermal vision camera, day TV camera, eye-safe laser range finder and IKZ-02 short-range IFF, Identification friend or foe, an electronic radio-based identification system.

The AG-35 is able to destroy conventional aerial targets at a maximum range of 6,000 m, soft targets as UAVs at a range up to 3,000 m at an altitude from o to 3,500 m. It can be also used against ground and sea targets with a range from 4,000 to 6,000 m. It has a traverse of 360° with an elevation from -3° to +85°. The gun has a rate of fire of 550 rounds per minute.

Due to the use of its optoelectronic head, the AG-35 can be operated in multiple modes including fully automatic or manual mode.

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