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Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant unveils prototype of armored personnel carrier.

| 2021

The Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant (Volat) has taken the opportunity at the MILEX 2021 defense exhibition being held in Minsk from 23 to 26 June to unveil the concept of a new 8x8 APC/IFV called V-2 MZKT-690003, Dylan Malyasov reports in Defence Blog.
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Volat unveiled the concept of a new 8x8 APC/IFV called V-2 MZKT-690003 (Picture source: via Defence Blog)

As noted by the manufacturer, the new 20-ton 8×8 armored personnel carrier is designed for personnel transport, fire support, destruction of light armored vehicles and tanks, and low-speed enemy air targets. The vehicle is fitted with a 30mm turret, a 12.7mm machine gun and an electro-optical system with day camera, thermal night camera, and laser range finder.

The new combat vehicle can reach 110 km/h on land and 10 km/h in water. It is equipped with a Combat Management System, a CTIS, Run-Flat tires, a CBRN filtering unit, a fire extinguishing system, a smoke removal system, a video surveillance system, and a self-recovery winch.

The vehicle benefits from Br4 ballistic protection and mine protection STANAG 4569 of level 2a/2b, Powerful 550 hp engine, automatic transmission, 520 mm ground clearance, forced differential lock and the diesel generator are included.


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