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MBDA presents Mistral Atlas RC vehicle-mounted air defense missile system.

| 2021

At ExpoDefensa 2021, International Defense and Security Exhibition in Colombia, MBDA presents its Mistral Atlas RC, a vehicle-mounted air defense system using the Mistral surface-to-air missile.

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Mistral ATLAS RC mounted on VAMTAC 4x4 light tactical vehicle. (Picture source MBDA)

The Mistral ATLAS RC is a new Mistral air defense missile system based on a remotely controlled turret, equipped with two Mistral surface-to-air missiles and a latest-generation thermal sight, that can be mounted on light wheeled or tracked armored vehicles.

Whilst the standard Mistral ATLAS RC system is a manually operated twin missile launcher, the new Mistral ATLAS RC system provides greater protection to the crew, since it can be operated from within the vehicle’s cabin or, remotely, through a state-of-the-art fully mobile workstation. Its 360° revolving, the motorized turret is easy to operate, provides an optimized operational capability while at the same time keeping costs to a minimum.

Mistral ATLAS RC is compatible with all versions of the combat-proven Mistral missile and benefits from its many performance advantages. Mistral ATLAS RC is MBDA’s response to today’s requirements for a weapon system that combines high firepower, short reaction time, day/night surveillance and engagement capabilities, tactical and strategic mobility, together with a high level of crew protection. The system can be integrated into a coordinated fire control network and adaptable to any communication system chosen by the customer. The system has been designed to minimize crew workload and number (it can be operated by one single soldier), to be easily integrated on a wide range of high-mobility armored or non-armored combat vehicles, and to be air-transportable on aircraft such as the A400M and C130.

The Mistral is a man-portable, fully digital, heat-seeking missile, designed to meet the requirements of all branches of the armed forces. It boasts a 96% proven success rate and higher reliability than any other existing low-level air defense missile. The missile integrates a full imaging seeker enabling high resistance to IR countermeasures as well as engagement of low IR signature targets, and a large warhead of 3 kg associated with a laser proximity fuse.

The Mistral missile has a length of 1.86 m with a weight of 19.7 kg and a diameter of 90 mm. The missile can destroy aerial targets including high speed and highly maneuvering combat aircraft as well as helicopters with a range from 500 m to 6,500 m.

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