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Lithuanian army gets Saab Carl Gustaf M4 antitank grenade ammunition.

| 2021

In a tweet posted on December 9, the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense announced that it has signed an agreement with Sweden to acquire Carl-Gustaf M4 antitank ammunition « for the best prices and conditions ».
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Lithuania has purchased Carl-Gustaf M4 antitank ammunition « for the best prices and conditions » (Picture source: Saab via Twitter Lithuanian MoD)

The Lithuanian Land forces use equipment compatible with the NATO standards. Since 2007, the standard assault rifle is German Heckler & Koch G36. Units are supplied with modern variants of anti-tank weapons (M72 LAW, Carl Gustaf, AT4, FGM-148 Javelin) as well as man-portable air-defense systems (PZR Grom, RBS-70, FIM-92 Stinger). Modern armored equipment includes Oshkosh L-ATV armored vehicles, Boxer infantry fighting vehicles (local designation IVF "Vilkas") armed with Spike-LR anti-tank missiles, and PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers. The Lithuanian Land forces have been carrying out major modernization with more new weapons and heavier armor being acquired.

Another user of the Carl-Gustaf M4, Estonia has received its first 300 Saab Carl-Gustaf M4 grenade launchers to equip the Estonian Defense Forces (EDF). Ramil Lipp, Head of the Armaments at the Estonian Centre for Defense Investment (ECDI), said: "Supplied by Sweden, the weapons will dramatically increase short-range antitank capabilities (…). The new grenade launchers will be used in parallel with the modification Carl-Gustaf M2 and M3, which are currently part of the military equipment being used by the Defense Forces. "I am also pleased to note that this is yet another successful example of a close cooperation project between neighboring countries, as a result of which the anti-tank capability of not only Estonia but the entire Baltic region, will increase," he added. The M4 weighs around 7 kg – half the weight of the M2 – and is 13 cm shorter.

Estonia is one of 14 countries that have ordered the latest Carl-Gustaf M4 in its modern modification, while Carl-Gustaf grenade launchers are used by several NATO members, including the U.S. The procurement has been carried out in cooperation with Latvia, invited to join the procurement deal originally signed between the ECDI and Saab in June 2019.


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