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John Cockerill Defense to supply AGUERIS tank simulators to Indonesia.

| 2021

John Cockerill Defense has recently signed a contract with PT Pindad Enjiniring Indonesia (a subsidiary of PT PINDAD) to supply training simulators for the Indonesian Army. AGUERIS, a subsidiary of John Cockerill Defense France, will develop and manufacture cabin simulators for the training of armored vehicle crews. These are “Harimau” medium-type tank vehicles equipped with the C3105 turret (105mm) from John Cockerill Defense.
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John Cockerill Defense simulation solutions are developed within Agueris®, a first rate player in the domain of training and simulation. (Picture source AGUERIS)

The simulators will be of the Cabin type mounted on a motion platform, allowing the training of the Harimau vehicle pilot and the C3105 turret crew in high-fidelity conditions and excellent representation of the local environment.

This new success comes on top of last year's SERKET program in France, won by AGUERIS as a co-contractor, which consists of supplying all the new generation training simulators required for the Scorpion Programme to the French Army.

"We are delighted to have been chosen for this forward-looking program in Indonesia. This project will also allow AGUERIS to strengthen its presence in the military land simulation markets in Asia and to offer an even more efficient service to its customers" said Yves Jourde, President of AGUERIS.

AGUERIS is a French Company, subsidiary of John Cockerill Defense France, based in the Paris area. The company is a renowned specialist in the production of innovative, efficient simulators designed for technical and tactical weapon systems training (e.g. for tank turrets) at an individual, group, unit, squad, or regiment level.

The Harimau also called Kaplan MT by FNSS, the producer of the vehicle, is a lightweight tank jointly developed by Turkish manufacturer FNSS and Indonesian manufacturer PT Pindad. The Harimau is fitted with the CT-CV 105HP weapon station designed and manufactured by the Belgian company John Cockerill. The turret is armed with one 105mm rifled gun manufactured by CMI (Cockerill Maintenance & Ingenierie SA Defense). 

John Cockerill Defense to supply AGUERIS tank simulators to Indonesia 925 001

Harimau medium-tank for Indonesian army (Picture source Army Recognition)

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