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IDEX 2021: Pegasus Intelligence and Sovereign Systems announce world launch of its enhanced IP Mesh Tactical MANET radio.

| 2021

Pegasus Intelligence, and technology partner Sovereign Systems, is pleased to announce the world launch of its enhanced IP Mesh Tactical MANET radio.

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(Picture source: Pegasus)

Up to 64 radios in a single Mesh

Previously limited to 32 IP Mesh Nodes/radios in a single spot frequency mesh network, the latest version offers up to 64 radios in a single spot frequency, with an occupied bandwidth from as narrow as 300KHz to a wideband 20MHz. The narrower bandwidth offers incredible range for PTT audio and data, with the wider bandwidths offering up to 100mbps of network data throughput. Available bandwidths are now 0.3/2.5/5/10/20MHz.

Dual frequency bands in one radio

The latest version of the PTT IP Mesh radio now offers users the ability to choose any frequency slice between 500MHz-1500MHz. Previous versions allowed only narrow frequency slices in individual radios. This new capability offers our users extreme flexibility in allowing them to operate across a broad frequency spectrum. This is particularly important when conducting operations in areas where certain frequencies may be unavailable or licenced for other users.

Programmable Waveform capability

The vast majority of our users’ needs are provided for within the dual waveform capability of the current range of IP Mesh radios. However, for advanced users, we now offer the ability to program customized waveforms to the FPGA that contains the brains of the IP Mesh technology. This level of customization is not possible with any other developer of IP Mesh technology.

“Sovereign Systems and their manufacturing partner continue to push the boundaries of this technology beyond the established norms for IP Mesh MANET radio technology”, says Andrew Grunstein, CEO of Pegasus Intelligence. “We are thrilled to be working with industry disruptors in this rapidly growing technology space, and delighted to be announcing these world first features here at IDEX. Come and see this exciting new technology on stand 06-B30.”




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