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Family of Rafael SPYDER air defense missile systems presented at ExpoDefensa 2021.

| 2021

Israeli company Rafael displays a scale model of its SPYDER at ExpoDefensa 2021, International Defense Exhibition in Colombia. The SPYDER is a family of mobile air defense missile systems incorporating Rafael’s advanced Python-5 and I-Derby missiles to provide short, medium, and long-range protection.

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A scale model of the SPYDER air defense missile was displayed on the booth of the Israeli company Rafael at ExpoDefensa 2021, a defense exhibition in Colombia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The SPYDER air defense missile systems defend large areas against a wide spectrum of threats. System components and interceptors can be flexibly combined, affording different configurations with various ranges and capabilities. All the SPYDER™ systems have multiple target engagement capability for dealing with saturation attacks.

The SPYDER family has autonomous capabilities, detecting threats while on-the-move and firing instantly after halt. SPYDER systems enable a 360° launch within seconds of the target being declared hostile, and provide all-weather, multi-launch, and net-centric capabilities. SPYDER’s open architecture design enables the integration of external components (such as radars) and cooperation with selected local industries.

The SPYDER-SR™ and SPYDER-ER™ 360° slant launching missile systems provide quick reaction, lock-on-before-launch (LOBL) and lock-on-after launch (LOAL) capabilities, while extending the range of defense to up to a 40 km radius.

SPYDER-MR™ and SPYDER-LR™ offer medium & long range target interception through vertical launch while pushing the defense envelope up to an 80 km radius. Both systems enable a 360° launch within seconds of the target being declared hostile ‒ and provide all-weather, multi-launch, and net-centric capabilities.

The SPYDER systems have advanced ECCM capabilities and use electro-optical observation payloads as well as wireless data link communication.

The Python-5 is a fifth generation of air-to-air missile that can be launched from very short to beyond-visual ranges with greater kill probability, excellent resistance to countermeasures, irrespective of evasive target maneuvers or deployment of countermeasures. The missile features an advanced seeker which includes an electro-optical and imaging infrared homing seeker which scans the target area for hostile aircraft, then locks-on for terminal chase. The missile has a maximum firing range of around 20 km.

The I-Derby ER missile is a long-range air-to-air missile with an operational range of up to 100 km, utilizing a data link based on Rafael Global Link or customer’s data link. The shape and size of the I-Derby ER missile are identical to the existing range of the Derby missile. The length of the 118 kg missile is 3.62 m, while its wingspan and diameter are 0.64m and 0.16m respectively. The missile can fly at a maximum speed of Mach 4.

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