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British Boxer MIV to get RFEL Trailblazer driver vision aid.

| 2021

RFEL has received a contract to supply their Trailblazer driver vision aid into the Boxer Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) programme of the British Army. This programme will be implemented over a 10-year period.
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RFEL’s Trailblazer driver vision aid (Picture source: RFEL)

Trailblazer improves driver and crew effectiveness by extending visibility beyond the normal daylight spectrum, overcoming adverse weather and low-light conditions with enhanced thermal imagery. Trailblazer is safe by design and is the chosen Driver Vision System for hatches down driving in all weather and light conditions. The Trailblazer system acts as the eyes of the MIV vehicle for the driver, commander and crew. The configuration supplied into the Boxer MIV programme will be RFEL’s latest, 3rd generation series of products, using the most modern processing technology available. Individual camera clusters distributed around the vehicle deliver a full 360° panoramic situational awareness capability. They feature high-performance electro-optics covering visible and thermal spectral ranges together with RFEL’s class-leading Video Fusion technology.

The software-defined capability of Trailblazer ensures the camera modules can be continuously updated, with product enhancements and new features developed during the operational life of the vehicle. This extends the longevity of service by offering the ability to adapt to customer needs and urgent operational requirements.

Trailblazer is fully compliant to the UK Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) standards. This implements a highly flexible video over Ethernet distribution supporting multiple, concurrent fields of view for driver and crew. In addition, ultra-low latency point-to-point links support a dedicated Driver’s Display. Trailblazer delivers excellent coverage with ultra-wide fields of view giving unparalleled situational awareness, especially to the rear of the vehicle, where the PAX camera ensures the safety of the crew when the door is utilised.

The camera configuration for Boxer MIV has been specially designed by RFEL to the high specifications of the customer, including two new Trailblazer products. The MIV configuration consists of newly developed models alongside RFEL’s standard models. The PAX camera gives coverage in all light conditions to ensure the safety of the crew entering or leaving the vehicle. Trailblazer Cameras are compact and modular by design, enabling a plug-and-play approach to system design.

The Driver will benefit from dual-band daylight and IR camera modules, which when coupled with RFEL’s Fusion algorithms will provide a continuously optimised view in all weathers and light conditions. The technique is fully automatic and needs no operator intervention. The point-to-point video distribution ensures real-time imagery is delivered to the Driver display with the lowest possible latency.

For the Commander and Crew, they will have full, simultaneous access to any of the cameras, all via GVA compliant interfaces. Additionally, stitched views will give the Commander a full panoramic view of the operational space, enabling the best possible decision making and route finding.


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