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ALIT from China unveils its new container-type missile-rockets launcher platform.

| 2021

Chinese company China Aerospace Long-March International (ALIT) has developed a new missiles/rockets launcher container platform that can fire guided and unguided rockets as well as precision missile and loitering munitions also called suicide drones.
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The new Chinese-made container-type missiles/rockets launching platform. (Picture source ALIT)

China Aerospace Long-March International (ALIT), a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), is a leading state-owned defense company authorized by the Chinese government for export and import of aerospace-related weapon systems, products, and technologies.

According to exclusive information from the Army Recognition editorial team, ALIT has developed a new rockets/missile container mounted on an 8x8 Kingkan 310 truck chassis. The launcher unit is stored inside a shipping container and can be deployed as a ground missile station or on the deck of a cargo carrier. The missile system reveals itself only when the container roof opens, and the missile rises from concealment and launches.

The Chinese missile/rocket container-type platform can carry different types of launcher units able to fire WS-15 unguided rocket, WS-22 guided rocket, WS-33 precision missile, and WS-40 loitering munitions system also called suicide drone.

All the firing operations can be performed from inside of the container or in autonomous mode. The launcher unit has is equipped with automatic aiming and operation system, firing data calculation, pre-launching testing, and firing control. It has the capability to fire in single or ripple mode.

The missile can be fired from the ground or the vehicle carrier with an elevation from +30° to -55° and a direction of 120° left and right.

The WS-15 is an unguided rocket with a maximum firing range of 40 km. The WS-22 is a guided version of the 122 mm PR50 rocket with simple cascade inertial terminal guidance which has a maximum firing range of 45 km.

The WS-33 is a surface-to-surface missile that seems to be based to a Chinese-made anti-ship missile. It has a length of 3.3 m, a weight of 200 kg, and a diameter of 200 mm. It can hit targets at a range of up to 70 km/

The WS-43 is a Chinese-made loitering munition with a range from 20 to 60 km and a flight time of up to 30 minutes. Currently, GPS composite guidance technology is adopted. In the future, the Chinese Beidou navigation system with higher precision will be adopted. It can carry a 20 kg warhead. Thanks to its modular design, different warheads can be mounted on the WS-43 including anti-radiation warheads, high-explosive combustion warheads, and more.

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